Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog Tour: Genesis Deflowered by Matthew Stillman

Biblical Erotica
Date Published: 8/1/2013

Where many see the Bible as the pathway to Heaven, others say it should be covered in a brown paper bag because it is so, so filthy.
There are hundreds of sex acts implied in the first book of the bible and none initiated by a woman. How can that be? How has nobody ever described how each of them would have played out in biblical language? If the writers and translators of the Bible had been a little less prudish we might have an entirely different relationship between sex and religion than we have now. In Genesis there is sex before marriage, threesomes, incest, group sex, kinky fetish cuckolding, gay sex and more.
Isn't it time that you read the Bible for the dirty parts? Using the seminal King James Bible in its Elizabethan English as spring board,"Genesis Deflowered" makes the beginning of the Bible come out as a sexy, readable and fun erotic novel.
"Genesis Deflowered ": equal parts holy scripture and blaspheming scandal

My Review:

This story is a bit taboo and is probably not for everyone. That being said, I really did enjoy Matthew Stillman's writing style as well as the pacing of the characters. It was an interesting read and I'm glad I gave it a chance.

Matthew Stillman, born & bred New Yorker, ran program development at Food Network for many years. 

He conceived of & produced the film "The End of Poverty?" that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival & went to 40 film festivals. He spoke at the UN four times about the film. 

A lifetime with literature, inner spiritual work from different traditions, creativity & play, he has written "Genesis Deflowered" in a genre that he may have just made up - Biblical Erotica written in Elizabethan English 
Twitter: @stillmansays

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