Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blog Tour: The Chosen by Annette Gisby

M/M Fantasy Romance
Date Published: 6/15/2013

The neighbouring kingdoms of Oscia and Arcathia have been at a tentative peace for three years after centuries of warfare. Prince Severin of Arcathia has been brought up to put duty before all else and as the only son of the King and Queen, it is his duty to marry and produce an heir. His parents want him to marry an Oscian princess to cement that tentative peace. Unfortunately Severin isn't interested in princesses. Now, if he had his pick of princes that would be another matter.

Havyn has been a slave all his life. When his aptitude for wizardry is discovered, he finds himself purchased and freed by Prince Severin and apprenticed to the royal wizard, Ildar. His duty is to stay chaste to keep his powers strong, but his feelings for Severin sorely test his resolve.

With kingdoms at war, the throne hanging in the balance, magic in the air, and outside forces trying to keep them apart, can the two men find happiness together, or is duty more important than love?

My Review:
I love M/M Novels and I love Fantasy Novels, so why have I not read many that combine the two? I was very excited to get a chance to read this one. 

To start off, I really like the cover. It has just enough of the cartoony/anime type look to be Fantasy without going overboard. 

There were many aspects of the story that were just very well done. Everything from the plot itself to the characters and descriptions. Annette Gisby has done an amazing job of helping the reader dive into the world she has created.

The main thing that to me matters in a novel like this is whether the relationship between the main characters is believable. And in this one, it definitely was. I liked the pacing and the believable way they got together. There was plenty of tension and nothing felt forced.

Great M/M Novel in General but also a great Fantasy! 

Annette Gisby grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland, moving to London when she was seventeen. Being a very small town there were no bookshops and a small library. When she'd devoured every book she could get her hands on in the library, she started writing her own stories so she would always have something to read later.

When not writing she enjoys reading, cinema, theatre, walks along deserted beaches or wandering around ruined castles (great places for inspiration!) New Zealand is her favourite place and she hopes to travel back there one day. She's a fan of Japanese Manga and Anime and one day hopes to learn Japanese.

She currently lives in Hampshire with her husband, a collection of porcelain dolls and stuffed penguins and enough books to fill a small library. It's diminishing gradually since the discovery of ebooks but still has a long way to go. 

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