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Blog Tour: August's Gardens by @Shelly_Barclay #interview

Horror / Fantasy
Date Published: 8/18/2015

Morrigan is beyond death, trapped in a hellish nightmare from which only the Artist can save her. The Fiend is behind enemy lines learning to reap what he has sown. The Artist reaches deep into his past to find a reason for the strange woman he now must rescue from the vile Dark Man. The Winged Man is forced to wait while all of the elements he needs to start war with hell itself fall into place. Will he fight alone or will his shattered family unite with him?

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What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The hardest part about writing my books is not actually writing them, but setting them free. You wind up reading your books upwards of ten or more times before you are done editing and then you talk about them for months/years after. At some point, they stop being your books. They are just there and you happen to know a lot about them.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?

Right now, Hozier is killing it, but there is a ton of classic rock up there. I started binge watching Supernatural recently and it has reminded me of a ton of music my dad used to rock out to when I was a kid, so I’ve been listening to a lot of that too.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I don’t have critique partners because, maybe selfishly, I don’t have time to critique other people’s work. I’m a copywriter by day and my clients need me to be available. However, I do employ the help of beta readers.

What book are you reading now?

I have been in the middle of reading The Queen of Bedlam by Robert McCammon for quite a while now. It is gripping. I’ve just been very busy. I can’t wait to spend some serious time this weekend figuring out just what is happening with Matthew Corbett.

How did you start your writing career?

It actually started unfortunately. I became ill on vacation and the virus I caught spiraled a bit. I was seeing a ton of doctors, missing a lot of work and struggling in my personal life. I needed a way to stay busy, vent my frustrations and make money. I decided to bite the bullet and do what I had always wanted to do, so I started writing professionally. It started slowly, but I got lucky and never had to go back to a “real” job.

Tell us about your next release.

My next release is the sequel to my horror novel Morrigan’s Shadows. It is titled August’s Gardens and picks up where the last book left off. It follows a major conflict between what are essentially gods in a world where they can do almost anything they want. Because some of the creatures in this world are quite evil, it winds up being a bit gory and off-putting, I hope.

Michelle Barclay is a copywriter and author from Massachusetts. She hikes, draws, does pyrography, cooks and spends time with her family when she isn't writing or reading. She lives on the South Shore in Massachusetts with her husband, ethical hacker Adrian Hayter.

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