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Blog Tour: First Circle Club by @AlexSiegel_ #interview

Supernatural Fantasy
Date Published: September 25, 2015

When Virgil is betrayed and murdered, he thinks his days of catching fugitives as a U.S. Marshal are over. He is condemned to an eternity of filing paperwork in the First Circle of Hell. Then a demon lord gives Virgil an unprecedented assignment. He will return to Earth as part of a team: two souls from Heaven and two from Hell. They must stop another damned soul who escaped and is now murdering teenagers on Earth. The serial killer has supernatural skills and is part of a larger conspiracy which is well prepared for a fight. If he is not careful, Virgil could be murdered a second time.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Proofreading is the hardest part. It is tedious, painstaking, and very time consuming. I love the thrill and excitement of the first draft. The grind of the final draft is a bummer by comparison.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?

I rarely listen to music while working. I find that any kind of background sound distracts me. When I do listen to music, it is generally classical instrumental music. I am particularly fond of Bach.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I participated in writing groups for many years, but at the moment, I'm not a member of one. I employ a semi-professional editor. I also have a close writer friend and two very loyal fans who serve as proofreaders. Of course, I proofread my own stuff in addition to collecting as much feedback as I can get. Collectively, we manage to produce professional quality results.

What book are you reading now?

I'm in the middle of writing my next book, Hell's Wrath, so that is what I'm reading. I really can't read one thing and write another at the same time. The stories get muddled together in my head. When I'm done with my current series, I'll read other authors.

How did you start your writing career?

I read voraciously when I was young, and some of the stuff I read wasn't very good. I often thought, "I can do better." I didn't take writing seriously until I had a motorcycle accident when I was 25. That scary experience woke me up. I realized that I had to start working on my life goals, and one of them was becoming a successful novelist. I've been honing my craft ever since.

I'm currently writing Hell's Wrath, the fifth book in a series. I hope to publish in September or October. The series begins with First Circle Club, and the other books are Paradise Hacked, Gambling Demons, and Trolling Heaven. All are available on Amazon.

The idea behind the series is that trouble is brewing in Heaven and Hell. It will take a special team of human souls to unravel the deadly mysteries. Some scenes take place in the afterlife, but most of the action happens in present day Chicago. The books are a unique blend of modern police procedurals and medieval religious fantasy.

Alex Siegel has written three series, full of hellish scenarios and diabolical plot twists. The First Circle Club is the first book in his latest series. He is a computer programmer by day and a passionate, even obsessive, writer by night. He lives in Chicago with his wife and triplet teenage boys. A gray cat and two guinea pigs complete the menagerie.

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Twitter: @AlexSiegel_

Series Reading Order:
First Circle Club
Paradise Hacked
Gambling Demons
Trolling Heaven (Coming Soon)

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