Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Tour: Thrill by Wendy Potocki


Date Published: February 14, 2014

Kyle Evans is a teenager who wants to be somebody. To achieve his goal, Kyle joins a gang called Hell's Bells. While he thinks he's arrived, he only finds danger.

The club is obsessed with finding thrills and taking chances, but Kyle’s unaware that there’s a price to pay. Up for a dare, he accepts a challenge that lands him on the wrong side of the supernatural. 



This was a book I didn't see coming. Even from the synopsis, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Wendy Potocki will pull you in from the beginning. Kyle is an compelling character. From his time being bullied to his journey through this story, as a reader I really connected to him.

Dark and Gritty, if you are a fan of the mysterious suspense novels that don't pull punches, this is definitely the book for you. The author will have you holding your breath and trying to find out what exactly is going on all of the way until the very end. 

The story development is so very well executed. Fast paced and the flow felt natural. 

Wendy Potocki lives and writes in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, she writes in the genre of horror. She feels creating good horror is an art form. She religiously devotes herself to pursuing it over hill and dale -- and in the crevices of her keyboard.
Named one of the Top Ten "New" Horror Authors by Horror Novel Reviews, she has seven self-published novels. Book trailers for many of her works may be found on her official website Her newest frightmare is Thrill. It’s a non-stop chillfest and has been attracting a lot of attention. Her next planned projects are The Witch's Stone, The Virgin, and ZaSo, a Gothic tale of horror. Please subscribe to her mailing list for updates and giveaway information.
In her spare time, she loves to go for long walks, drink Starbucks Apple Chai Lattes, make devotional offerings to her cat named Persephone and be stilled by the grace, beauty and magic of ballet.

Twitter @WPotocki

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