Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blog Tour: Wanderamid's Crystal Ball by @irenevphillips - #Review

Young Adult Fantasy
Date Published: June 2012
     A devious young girl, Devilea, tricks Emera, the powerful witch of Wanderamid, stealing her crystal ball and sending her through to another dimension. For the past three years, Emera has been living as Ms. Biddock, the principal of Whilom Elementary.
      On the last day of school, Emera crosses paths with Rena Winterton, a student who, soon after, discovers her hidden identity. To prevent Rena from revealing her long kept secret, Emera recites an incantation that will send Rena away to retrieve the clear stone she believes can bring her  home, Wanderamid's Crystal Ball. However, when the chosen spell emerges, Emera is 
surprised to see Rena already has it in her possession! She attempts to stop the spell, but her powers fail. It's too late! The summoning has begun and for Rena, an unexpected journey begins.
      An electrifying force directs her through a portal, leading to future encounters, as she ventures into an unfamiliar world. In this world between many, curses, revenge and magic delay Rena's search for her intended destination, the entryway back to her home town, Whilom.


My favorite thing about this novel was the way that Irene V. Phillips was able to balance Action/Drama and Comedy. 

I loved the way that she wove deeper themes in with a Young Adult Fantasy novel. Everything from bullying to forgiveness and it is something that younger readers can understand and are having to deal with in their own day to day lives. 

Characterization was brilliantly done. I loved all of the characters both primary and secondary, but I found that Rena was by far my favorite and I connected with her character and really tuned into what she was dealing with. 

Irene V. Phillips is the author of Wanderamid's Crystal Ball. Her fascination with magic, dreams and paranormal beliefs transpires throughout the Young adult fantasy novel.
Born and raised in New Jersey, she currently resides in Florida with her teenage son.

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