Monday, January 30, 2017

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Psychological Romantic/Suspense
Date Published:  December 2016

Some sins cannot be forgiven. Those must be avenged.
When Aditya Chopra stumbled upon the decimated camp, she vowed to hunt down the men who killed her sister. The stench of burnt flesh and the taste of death in the air haunt her dreams and power her lust for vengeance. She will show no mercy.
The men of Savage Security served their country. They’d done their time in the sandbox and now enjoy their peaceful lives in the States, far from the death and mayhem of war. Will living in peace blind them to the dangerous threat that’s poised to strike?


This novel really blew me away with the way it stuck with me after I read it. There are plenty of ups and downs throughout the novel and you will be right there with these characters enjoying the ride. 

Romantic and Complex! I love a novel that can deliver on multiple genres without one not fitting. I felt like Karen Tjebben really managed to bring the Psychological, the Suspense, and the Romance all together in this novel. It felt like a complete story with a lot going on. There were not moments of dead space, every moment really felt like it was a valid part of the story as a whole.

Karen Tjebben lives in central North Carolina with her wonderful husband, twin daughters, and two hamsters. When her girls left for kindergarten, Karen discovered that she needed to fill her days with something, and that was the beginning of her new career in writing. She loves to create worlds filled with unique characters that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and seeing the world through her daughters' eyes.

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  1. I am so happy that you enjoyed AVENGING KISS. This book was a lot of fun to write, especially since the characters’ personalities and points-of-view are so different from each other. I tried to explore the emotions and motivations of each character as he/she was confronted with obstacles throughout the book – and there are plenty of those. Although this is the second book in the Savage Security Series, it can be read without reading the first book, BLOOD KISS – another romantic thriller. Also, the third book in the series, COVETED KISS, will be released sometime in the spring. It does pick up where this one left off and will end with a Happily Ever After.