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Blog Tour: Finding Your Center by Deborah A. Morrison with an #interview

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Date Published:   01/14/2017
Publisher: Cygnet Media Group Inc.

Finding Your Center: Explorations In Philosophy, New Physics, And Eastern Mysticism is a fascinating compilation which highlights many important aspects of life. The knowledge contained therein is reflective of the ever changing world in which we live. Each page is overflowing with a diverse spectrum of philosophies, theologies, and more, together with perspectives from sociological to western thought, eastern mysticism and new physics. You will learn how your life will be enriched when you come to know the importance of finding your center.
In life we journey on, our explorations taking us into adventurous travels of everyday experience, new realizations, and on into the vast realm of the great unknown. We discover that the process of Creation is, perhaps, ongoing. And, we are a holistic part of it! We are in wonder and awe at the magnificence of it all! At times we have gratitude for unexpected sychronicities and miracles, and at other times we're brought into a wondrous silence and stillness. But, one thing we know for certain - no matter what happens, life goes on! And, we are bound to carry on with our explorations into life, Truth, joy, peace, and more. Finding You Center: Explorations In Philosophy, New Physics, And Eastern Mysticism is a rare treasure and brings you a unique collection of knowledge, insight, and wisdom. Yours to discover


1.  What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Honestly the most difficult part of writing my books is to balance inspiration with groundedness.  Inspiration shows up in unexpected ‘waves’ and I like to ‘ride the wave’ when it happens.  Sometimes I’ve found myself writing all day.  It’s wonderful when all sense of time is lost and I’m ‘sparked’ with inspiration for the written word, and I ‘ride the crest of the wave.’  This is when my writing flows.  At other times I’m awake at two or three in the morning when a wave of inspiration brings the perfect enhancement to a chapter or a poem in progress.  Waves of inspiration are spontaneous.  Each inspiration is perfect!  But, too much inspiration is not good!  After many years of writing I’ve learned that inspiration is best balanced with groundedness.  To be grounded in the simple, practical everyday tasks of living is necessary for good health, good for the Soul, and a great way of providing a comfortable context and framework within which to do my best writing.  This balance of ‘inspiration’ and ‘groundedness’ can be elusive at times but nevertheless is possible.  I’ve found it’s important to set the intent that ‘I’m writing my book in a way that’s comfortable for me.’
     In terms of the mechanics of writing, I would say that I find editing somewhat tedious after awhile.  When writing fiction novels I’ve found strong character development and conversational scenes to be most challenging.  Also, I’ve discovered that fiction is more challenging for me to write than non-fiction or poetry.
     Nevertheless, I’ve learned that the hardest part of writing books is always resolved with practice and balance.

2.  What songs are most played on your Ipod?

To be quite honest I don’t have an Ipod.  When I listen to music it’s through my desktop computer, music CD’s or sometimes live music.  My favourites are light rock, light jazz, folk, blues, and classical along with classical east Indian Sitar music.  I like Mozart and recently read about how Mozart’s music activates the right side of the brain which enhances creativity.  Also, the deep and soulful music of Leonard Cohen is always great.

3.  Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I never have critique partners or beta readers when I write.  I truly believe that most response to writing is subjective, and my best approach to develop my writing style is to read more and write more.

4.  What book are you reading now?

I’m reading two books right now.  First is my own recent release of which I am the author ‘Finding Your Center: Explorations In Philosophy, New Physics And Eastern Mysticism’ and I’m reading this for the second time from the perspective of a writer and a reader.  The second book I’m reading now is ‘The Fifth Agreement’ by Don Miguel Ruiz.

5.  How did you start your writing career?

     I began writing poetry during my teenage years, but I didn’t keep this poetry.  I didn’t write for many, many years while involved in education, work and family.  Then, I returned to writing many years later while raising my children during their teenage years, and while I was operating a business.  Initially I just wanted to bring increased balance into my day to day living.  I wrote a magazine article about natural healing.  This article was published as soon as I sent it to the magazine editor.  This set my writing career ablaze.  I felt like I was meant to write, at least a little, since my article was so easily published.  Then, I began writing one hundred poems.  I considered my poetry writing as a hobby.  Although I didn’t think about being published at first, once I read the completed manuscript of poems I began to envision these poems as a published book.  Within the first five manuscript submissions my poetry was accepted for publication with a publisher.  I enjoyed the writing and publishing experience immensely which was soon followed by my writing a series of poetry, fiction and non-fiction books.

Deborah A. Morrison is an internationally recognized author and master life coach from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She is inspired by the healing power of the written word, nature and people, expressing her abilities to foster inspiration, growth and learning.

She holds an Hons. B.A. Social Sciences, from McMaster University, and has undergone extensive research in eastern and western thought within the framework of contemporary and comparative studies. She has achieved M.A. certification in Counseling Science, from the Counselor Training Institute, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, as recognized by the A.A.M.F.T., American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

As a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor Deborah had the good fortune to receive her training directly from world renowned Yoga and Meditation Master, Swami Vishnudevananda. Deborah has taught yoga and meditation to all ages from preschool children to seniors.

Deborah previously worked professionally for many years as a preschool teacher, preschool therapist and parent consultant, having also completed E.C.E diploma early on in her career.

Deborah is an Honorary Life Member of the ALL Ladies League - ALL, the world's largest ALL - inclusive international women's chamber for the Welfare, Wealth, and Well-Being of ALL.

She previously served as an Executive Member of the Tower Poetry Society as Social Convener, and Vice President.

Along with her published non-fiction, fiction, and poetry books, Deborah has written numerous published articles on natural therapies, yoga, meditation, psychology, and metaphysics.

Deborah is a proud mother and grandmother who encourages compassion and creativity in her family.

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