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Blog Tour: Journey of the Heart by Alexander Soltys Jones with an #interview #nonfiction #giveaway

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Date Published: February 7, 2017
Publisher: Cygnet Publications, Cygnet Media Group Inc.

Your heart’s journey began when the Creator took a portion of Her consciousness to create you as a living soul and endowed you with individuality and your own unique personality. Your supreme duty and sole mission on planet earth is to remember your exalted state of consciousness and reclaim your divinity.
The One Cosmic Heart created and endowed you with love in your heart as a yearning that you might awaken and return that love unconditionally, thus coming to feel your oneness with all hearts.
Everyone is on the journey of the heart. As you explore the stages of the heart you will be able to tell where you and your friends are on this sacred journey. Here are the steps you can take to move forward in opening your heart to the fullness of its own natural love.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Finding the time to write. I have never had a block of time to sit down and write. I have had to fit it into my busy schedule. This has been fortunate, as I feel very creative driving my car so I speak into a recorder and get my ideas down and then work on them when I do have the time to sit at the computer.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?

Folk songs from Gordon Lightfoot, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, John Denver, Eric Anderson and Tom Rush to name a few artists. There are many more. 

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I have a wonderful editor who has helped me tremendously both in editing but also offering great content. She is kind enough to tell me when things are not working.

What book are you reading now?

The same book that Steve Jobs of Apple Corporation read when he was a teenager and once a year after that. There was only one book on his Ipad and Steve Jobs last wish was that everyone who came to his memorial service would receive a gift of this book, The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I am also reading it again.

How did you start your writing career?

Through a spiritual experience where I was show to focus on color and its various uses in the things we wear and in our environment. This was also to include the use of color in healing and color in the aura and chakras. I then wrote my bestselling book Seven Mansions of Color.

Tell us about your next release
 I have several books on the go right not. The other one I've just published is Spiritualize the Workplace
I think my friend Eli Bay, President of The Relaxation Response Institute says it best of all. 
"In Spiritualize the Workplace, Alex Jones offers a practical blueprint to achieve life-affirming success and spiritual satisfaction, even (or especially) in the conflict-ridden, stressful workplace. His guidance to the perennial wisdom and spiritual practice is encapsulated in simple mindfulness techniques and a wonderful assortment of great affirmations to spiritualize work and to create a life of integrity and joy."

Author, musician, spiritual director and meditation instructor,  Alex Soltys Jones is most well known for his best-selling book Seven Mansions of Color. Published in 1976, it has become a classic in Color Therapy.
Perfectly timed for 2017, his newest books are  Journey of the Heart and Spiritualize the Workplace.
His other titles include: Meditation — Where East and West Meet, How Much Did You Love, Awaken the Christ Within You, Christian Meditation, Conversations with Christ, and Creative Thought Remedies.
Alex was the first to write and produce New Age relaxation music in Canada. His music titles include Kali’s Dream, Awake & Dreaming and Pranava. His guided meditations include Angels of Color & Sound and Peace Beyond Stress. All have become soothing and enlightening aids to meditation, yoga and stress management classes as well as popular relaxation induction aids for listeners at home.  
A longtime Stress Management Instructor, Alex worked at the Dorothy Madgett Stress Management Clinic in downtown Toronto where he taught relaxation classes and a 15 week lecture series to groups and individuals. 
Many of his clients at the clinic were from the business community. As he worked with these clients they disclosed to him and themselves their own misgivings and vulnerabilities. Alex saw the tremendous stress and anxiety individuals were facing in the workplace: “It was obvious to me that a deep sense of spirituality was needed in the workplace and hence the creation of  Spiritualize the Workplace.” 
Alex offers meditation classes based on his book Meditation — Where East and West Meet, and lectures and workshops on color, stress management and opening the heart.
Alex, a certified Spiritual Director, graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Pacific Jubilee Program at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is also a  graduate of Tyndale University with the degree bachelor of Religious Education.
He has practiced meditation and yoga since his twenties and, in young adulthood, spent a nine month period of seclusion in the Rocky Mountains. At 24, he became a monastic in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Spiritual Organization ( Self-Realization Fellowship), dedicating his life in the search for God. He continues to faithfully practice Paramahansa Yogananda’s life transforming meditation techniques to this day.
“I have been fortunate to have touched the lives of thousands through my books, music and workshops. Many have said my gentle approach makes it easy for them to feel safe and open to their highest potential...My mission is to help others rediscover their diamond essence and from that inner center meet all life’s difficulties with courage, love, peace and joy.”

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