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Blog Tour: Into the Light by @jg_sumner #interview

Romantic Suspense 
Date Published: February 28, 2017
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Laney Pearson was shot at point blank range…
With the help of his friend and colleague, Dr. Nathan George, Josh Stone managed to save her, giving them both a new start and a second chance at love. But when Laney’s parents try to take their recovering daughter back to Missouri, Josh fears he’ll lose her...possibly forever.
A mysterious stalker and Laney’s family aren’t the only ones who want Josh and Laney apart…
Jillian Stone has struggled with her own demons, always leaning on her brother Josh for support. When she sees him doting on Laney, spending days on end by her hospital bed, Jillian grows increasingly jealous. She pictures a life where Laney is gone and she and Josh can be closer...​much closer.
A familiar shadow still threatens the light…
They thought Laney’s stalker was completely erased from their lives, arrested when he tried to kill her. But they find it wasn’t Laney’s ex-boyfriend who tormented her for weeks on end, even if he was the one who pulled the trigger. They are now on the lookout for the ​real stalker, who becomes braver with each passing day, always in shadows, never creeping into the light...
They fear he might be back to finish what he started...​sending Laney to an early grave.


What is the hardest part of writing your books? Finding the time. With three kids and everything that comes along with them, I find it hard to get my writing done.

What songs are most played on your Ipod? Anything Maroon 5. I love Adam Levine. So hot. Fall Out Boy, Pink, Katy Perry, Flo Rida, and many more. I have quite the eclectic mix of music on my phone.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers? I have some beta readers, but I’m always looking for more. People get busy and I don’t always have as many helpers as I would like.

What book are you reading now? I’m not reading at the moment. I’m in the process of editing two books, writing a short story, and writing a new novel. The last book I read was Fidelity by Aleatha Romig. Loved it.

How did you start your writing career? I worked in a very busy ER and one day a story popped into my head. I started writing it. The story was A Shot in the Dark. Since then I’ve published five other books and I have three more coming out this year and two short stories.

Tell us about your next release. My next release is Surrender. It’s actually a re-release. I signed on with Limitless Publishing and they are re-publishing all of my books.
Surrender is about Katherine, a young woman who walks in on her fiancé cheating on her days before her wedding. She decides to go on her honeymoon alone. Tony is running from the cartel who killed his family. His only hope of escaping Italy alive is Katherine. Will they escape Italy unharmed or will they suffer the same fate as Tony’s family?

The next new book I’m releasing will be in August. It’s entitled Web of Lies. Trent and Parker had it all—or at least it appeared they did. Their marriage was unraveling. Trent fell in love with the nanny while Parker reconnected with a long time love. If that wasn’t bad enough, Parker and Trent’s dad dissolved their business and Trent’s dad disappears. The race is on to find Johnathon Davis and figure out if their marriage can be saved.

JG Sumner is a Registered Nurse who went rogue.  As good as she was at starting IV's, she enjoys writing the down the stories in her head even more.  Most of the time the characters won't stop pestering her until she has them down on paper.
JG can often be found with a glass of red wine or prosecco in front of her computer.  When she's not creating, she enjoys the outdoors hiking, bike riding, snowboarding, and camping.
JG has a very dry sense of humor, and should never be taken too seriously.  She loves to hear from her fans, and even those who aren't and would love to hear your opinion on her books.
JG writes romantic suspense/thrillers including: A Shot in the Dark, Into the Light, The Surrender Trilogy including Surrender, Shattered, and Saved which will be available through Limitless Publishing soon.

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Twitter: @jg_sumner

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