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Date Published: March 19, 2017
Publisher: Asdee Press

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Murder never entered the picture until Fritz Van Derzee decided, at long last, to clear his name. Who stuck a jeweled stiletto into his desktop after stabbing him to death? Fritz’s daughter, Emma, recruits her former professor Lyssa Pennington to find the killer.

And where’s the ten million Fritz was falsely accused of embezzling? Tompkins College President, Justin Cushman, hires his old friend Kyle Pennington to trace the missing money.

While Lyssa uses charm and tenacity on the long list of suspects, Kyle reconstructs the college’s old homegrown finance system. As they converge on the killer, Lyssa and Kyle may be the next two casualties.


I truly enjoyed this book, I couldn't put it down. Everything from great characters who felt real to the setting and pacing. 

The thing I was most happy with this time was the fact that the story seemed to really flow smoothly.
Humor along with mystery and intrigue really make for a wonderfully written and fun to read novel!

I was kept on my toes to the very end. I was invested in both the story as a whole as well as each and every character. There were surprises along the way that had me gasping out loud.

This is a novel that will leave you wanting more from the author.

About the Author

C. T. Collier was born to solve logic puzzles, wear tweed, and drink Earl Grey tea. Her professional experience in cutthroat high tech and backstabbing higher education gave her endless opportunity to study intrigue. Add to that her longtime love of mysteries, and it’s no wonder she writes academic mysteries that draw inspiration from traditional whodunits. Her setting is entirely fictional: Tompkins College is no college and every college, and Tompkins Falls is a blend of several Finger Lakes towns, including her hometown, Seneca Falls, NY (AKA Bedford Falls from It’s a Wonderful Life).

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Lyssa and Kyle's second investigation! We're deep into the third book now and plan to release early in the new year, just in time for a cozy winter read :-) --c.t. collier