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New Australia Book 2
Science Fiction/Post-apocalyptic/Dystopian
Date Published:  11/21/2019
Publisher: Chandra Press

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The thrilling sequel to Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia.

A planet on the verge of destroying itself. A young woman determined to stop it before all is lost.

Ten years have passed since Earth invaded. The volcanic blast that turned the tide of the war has changed the face of the planet forever. What was once a scorched wasteland has been quenched by frequent rains. Farms now cover the surface. The citizens of New Australia have thrived.

Anarchy, the flagship of the resistance thought lost during the war, suddenly returns. To Admiral Slout and his crew, it’s only been 6 months since the raid on Star fantasy. But on New Australia, seventeen years have passed, and much has changed. The pirates struggle to reintegrate into a society with rules and laws. Unfortunately that’s not all.

The Anarchy brought something back with it. Something more dangerous than anyone could have expected. With the planet on the verge of civil war and leadership in disarray, can anyone stop New Australia from tearing itself apart?

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What is the hardest part of writing your books?
Great question!  The hardest part is also my favorite part:  Editing.  After developing a synopsis for a new chapter, I flesh out the paragraphs until I’ve completed the original train of thought.  For me, when a chapter feels finished, it is.  At that point I have to “climb the mountain” and go back through all the raw material to make sure it’s consistent with what I intended.  It might take three, five, seven passes before I say, “cool, let’s move on.”  The sensation, once I have the chapter just right, is indescribable.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?
Candy-O by The Cars and Mob Rules by Black Sabbath.  Chevy Van by Sammy Johns and Super Charger Heaven by White Zombie. 

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?
Yes, I do.  I work at a tech company and half my department are SciFi fans.  They love reading my books before I submit them; love reviewing chapters as/when I finish.  Not only that, I bounce ideas and share concepts prior to including them in the story arc.  My wife reads all chapters before I proceed to the next and when the book is complete, she and I do the final edit together.  After it’s submitted and the publisher sends back suggested changes, Caroline and I review it again.  All in all “my people” will have read, edited, critiqued, or provided commentary multiple times before a book is launched.

What book are you reading now?
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I like to create juicy dialogs that dissolve into intriguing narrative.  Then I like to have my characters return to finish the scene in their own words; allowing me to continue on to the next part.  Stevenson was good at that.  Every Friday I go to a local elementary school to read this classic book to them.  You should see their faces when I do Long John Silver’s voice. 

How did you start your writing career?
I love it when I get that question!  When I met Caroline I was always writing short stories to her and Emailing them while we were dating.  Started out as Erotic Romances; ultimately developed into full-length novels.  I even published eleven books under the pseudonym Purple Hazel before I got my big break with Rise of New Australia.  Publisher suggested we re-brand me as King Everett Medlin.

It’s called Return of Anarchy, and I really think you’re going to love it.  The story picks up ten years after the defeat of Earth by the brave souls of New Australia.  Anarchy, the flagship of the Naustie pirate fleet, returns after seventeen years in space.  However, due to a space anomaly the crew believe it’s only been six months since the raid on Star Fantasy.  They return to find everything has changed.  As they struggle to adjust, a new problem arises.  Seems they’ve unwittingly brought back with them alien microorganisms which possesses the ability to tear their civilization apart.  To write it, I employed the assistance of a retired NASA scientist named Patrick A. Fiedler.  He was one of “Ronnie’s Boys”, as they were called.  Worked in applied physics on the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka Star Wars program) during the Reagan Administration in the 1980’s.  

About the Author

King Everett Medlin has been writing since 2013, when he first developed the idea for Rijel 12. It was originally designed to be a SciFi series, with the objective of creating several short installments. Instead he got a lucky break when Chandra Press from San Diego responded favorably to the original draft, deciding to publish it as a full length novel. King lives in Denver, Colorado with his lovely wife Caroline and has two grown children. He's a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he played college Rugby; and remains a diehard Sooners fan to this day. His specialties are Science Fiction and Mystery/Suspense novels, focusing on unusual stories with intriguing plot-lines and amazing characters.

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