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BetterWorld, Book 2
Science Fiction (Cyberpunk) / Thriller
Date Published: September 1, 2018
Publisher: See Sharp Press

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In Wrath of Leviathan, the second book of the BetterWorld trilogy, Waylee faces life in prison for daring to expose MediaCorp's schemes to control the world. Exiled in São Paulo, her sister Kiyoko and their hacker friends continue the fight, seeking to end the conglomerate's stranglehold on virtual reality, information, and politics. But MediaCorp and their government allies may quash the rebellion before it takes off. And unknown to Kiyoko and her friends, a team of ruthless mercenaries is after them and is closing in fast.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?
The hardest part is sitting down each morning and getting into the flow of writing. It’s a hurdle that must be overcome every day.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?
I create playlists for all my characters, and also playlists for particular kinds of scenes (e.g., combat or romance). Listening to a character’s favorite songs (or a close facsimile) is one of the best ways I’ve found to connect with them. For example, Gabriel likes a Brazilian band called Chico Science, and Waylee prefers industrial/punk/thrash music like Ministry, Orange 9mm, and Rage Against the Machine.

When I’m not writing, I have an eclectic mix of songs on my 20 GB iPod. I usually put it on random. But some of my favorite artists include Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Interpol, Massive Attack, Beach House, and Uncle Tupelo.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?
I am in two critique groups, one in Baltimore, and the other in Annapolis. I also solicit feedback from beta readers, who are mostly other writers. If you want to join my beta reader team, please let me know!

What book are you reading now?
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I have a stack of other books by the bed or on the Kindle also.

How did you start your writing career?
I’ve pursued writing since childhood, then learned filmmaking and screenwriting in college (along with a little bit of physics). I transformed those interests into novel writing while trapped at home during the "Snowmageddon" of 2010, and looking for something productive to do.  

Tell us about your next release.
I recently finished editing the final book of the BetterWorld trilogy, Zero-Day Rising. In this book, Kiyoko resolves to save her sister and bring down President Rand and MediaCorp. However, MediaCorp unleashes its ultimate plan: direct mind control with cerebral implants. Can Kiyoko and Waylee’s team stop them? Can they penetrate MediaCorp’s networks and end the company’s grip over humanity? All while eluding the biggest manhunt in history, in a country where everyone and everything is under surveillance?

About the Author

T. C. Weber has pursued writing and music since childhood, and learned filmmaking and screenwriting in college, along with a little bit of physics. Trapped at home during the "Snowmageddon" of 2010, he transformed those interests into novel writing. His first published book, Sleep State Interrupt, was a Compton Crook Finalist for best debut speculative fiction novel. By day, Mr. Weber works as an ecologist and has had a number of scientific papers and book chapters published. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife Karen. He enjoys traveling and has visited all seven continents.

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