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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Virtual Book Tour: Man... F@#K! by Rod F. Marchand #blogtour #nonfiction #business #interview #rabtbooktours @Rod_Marchand @RABTBookTours


The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship


Nonfiction / Entrepreneurship / Business Management

Date Published: August 11, 2020

Publisher: Mindstir Media

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Man...F@#K! shares the honest and often unspoken reality of entrepreneurship while serving up a large dose of much-needed hope and inspiration to all business owners and entrepreneurs trying to take their companies to the next level. Unlike most other books on business, this book clearly defines the difficulties of life and the challenges of managing and building a brand from virtually nothing into a potential global company. It also accurately illustrates the struggles of working with a family business and the expectations of starting in a small market and what it takes to overcome those challenges and achieve personal and professional goals on a larger scale.

It's a fun, yet realistic story of what it takes to keep your head up in times of trial - when all you can think is Man...F@#K! out of frustration - in order to ultimately make your dreams a reality.



Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you raised? Where do you live now? Do you have any pets? I am a Husband and Father of 7 children and 5 grandchildren. I grew up in a small rural town Harvey ND where I still have my main residence and corporate headquarters in. I have an awesome dog named Ollie!


At what age did you realize your fascination with books? When did you start writing? I really didn’t start to enjoy reading until I was in my 30’s. I started with educational books and then into business and other inspirational genres. I had always talked about writing my first book but finally found the inspiration to do so when I first met Kevin Harrington, an original Shark from the television series Shark Tank.


Who are your favorite authors to read? What is your favorite genre to read. Who Inspires you in your writings? I do not really have a favorite author. I think all credible authors have valuable things to say and teach, so I find inspiration from nearly 100 books I have read in the last 10 years!


Tell us a little about your latest book? I wrote Man F@#K the Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship to help inspire any looking to improve the personal, business and profession lives. I have read so many books about business which seem to focus only on the triumphs in life, but never really mention the tremendous amount of effort and even failures required to achieve your goals. My book is very personal, honest, and even raw sometimes, but again to be a sense of encouragement showing that if you really commit and work hard, the rewards will always outweigh the risks!

About the Author

Rod F. Marchand is the president and CEO of Marchand Retail Group, Inc. operating multiple businesses including retail, wholesale, and manufacturing.

As a second generation, family-owned business operation, he is excited to welcome his sons into the transition of a third-generation ownership group.

Rod is a proud husband and father of seven children and currently three grandchildren, dedicated to inspiring other entrepreneurs to seek out achieving their dreams and goals!


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