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Friday, April 12, 2024

Virtual Book Tour: Hidden Treasure at Little Lake by Dawn Lenée Reed #blogtour #interview #childrensbook #mystery #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours
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Children's Mystery

Date Published: January 29, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media


It seemed like it would be another quiet, summer morning of fishing for 11-year old Charlie, her older brother, Finn, and his best friend, Tyler. Their friendly lakeside town in west Michigan was usually peaceful and a bit boring during summer vacation for these three mystery-loving middle schoolers. Little did they know, they were about to stumble upon a thrilling treasure hunt with tricky clues and a sinister thief who is determined to beat them each step of the way. Join these three amateur detectives for a small town Michigan mystery with twists and turns that will keep you guessing.


Introduce yourself and tell me about what you do.

My name is Dawn Reed and I currently am a stay at home mom. I have my doctorate in optometry and practiced for several years before staying home with my kids, whom are now 12 and 14.

Tell me more about your journey as an author, including the writing process.

I have always loved reading and writing, but this is the first book I have written. I was inspired by my daughter’s love for mystery books, and our difficulty in finding enough stories for her to read. I started thinking that it would be fun to create a series of mystery stories, based in west Michigan, where we live. I began developing the main characters for weeks before I chose the story line. I would jot down notes about their appearance, personality, character traits, etc. Then I dove into my mystery plot. I really just had fun, creating details, twists and turns as I went.

Story (that you want to highlight)

This story follows eleven-year old Charlie, along with her older brother Finn and his best friend Tyler, as they solve a local mystery in their west Michigan town. They embark on an adventure of solving clues while a sinister thief works to beat them each step of the way. There are plenty of laughs and ventures along the way.

About the Author

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Book Blitz: Channeling by Andrew Teague McCollister #mystery #thriller #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours
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Mystery / Thriller

Date Published: March 12, 2024



Defying gravity, manipulating the naked eye, and moving faster than time itself? These abilities, or Channels, were once considered impossible yet are now commonplace, and the small town of Lockwood, New Hampshire is no exception. In 2055, society has progressed to include and incorporate Channeling as a natural part of life. This is made possible by the establishment of the Department of Channel Control and the limited abilities most Channelers have. However, this all changes when four students at Lockwood University discover they can take their Channels further than ever thought possible. Now, the more Rachel, Miles, Angelo, and Clayton discover about their abilities and their pasts, the more dangerous their lives become.


About the Author

Andrew has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. They describe themselves as a curious Writer who loves exploring diverse themes, motifs, and genres. As part of their writing process, they love immersing themselves in their projects—diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning of the stories they feel are the most worthy of telling.


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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Book Blitz: My Illusion of Normal by Tom Carman #inspirational #truecrime #nonfiction #rabtbooktours @RABTbookTours
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The Peculiar Case of Jean Stevens

Inspirational, Spiritual, True Crime

Date Published: March 21, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media


As a retired death investigator, I have discovered throughout my career that what I once interpreted as normalcy was grossly misunderstood. I have learned that lifestyles greatly vary from individual to individual, situation to situation, and ideology to ideology. A "normal situation" and "normal behavior" are relative to any given individual in any given environment. The inevitability of death is highly overwhelming. There are some who fear death. But, little do they know, fear has nothing to do with death, for it is death that fears nothing. At the core of the fear of death is the fear of destruction, which refers to the extinction of mind, spirit, soul, and the destruction of the body- that is nonexistent.

This book is the true story and behind-the-scene look into the case of Jean Stevens. A case that would change my life, both professionally and personally, forever. Together, Jean and I learned from each other. This case is particularly of interest since it caters to the topic of death and life and how loneliness brings havoc in our normally functioning life. Since death separates one being from the other, the feeling of never meeting the one that is gone is excruciating. This permanent separation can drive people to do things they wouldn't usually consider doing. How far would you go to remain with the ones you love? You will learn how far an elderly woman went to remain with hers.


About the Author

Tom Carman is an American author who currently resides in Pennsylvania. As a retired Medicolegal Death Investigator, he has investigated over 2,000 deaths. Additionally, he has served as a consultant on several other cases. Tom has had the opportunity to get first-hand behind the scene knowledge of both scenes and people. Tom believes in love, grace, forgiveness, and hope. As a non-judgmental, now walking in Spirit man, he shares his personal journey with many. For many years Tom lived in flesh and is very familiar with sin, hardship, and knows the difficulties of starting over and accepting death. Having been formerly incarcerated, Tom now dedicates his life to serving the underdogs of the world by delivering hope. He believes wholeheartedly that anyone can receive this hope and begin a new journey leaving their past behind.

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Virtual Book Tour: Road to Nineveh by Charles Besondy #blogtour #interview #giveaway #christian #thriller #rabtbooktours @CharlesBesondy @RABTBookTours
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The Lighthouse, Book 4


Contemporary Christian Fiction/Thriller

Date Published: December 26, 2023

Publisher: Besondy Publishing LLC


When Charley Austin Marches to the Wrong Beat, Life Gets Ugly


Twenty-year-old Charley Austin travels a torn and troubled world as the star drummer and lyricist for the famous Christian rock band, DelivRus. He has musical gifts and a clear mission from God.

And that mission makes him a big problem for Lucky Zebul.

Zebul implements a sinister and depraved plan to crush the vulnerable rock star and put an end to the band’s Godly influence in the world.

Against a backdrop of societal upheaval, Road to Nineveh continues the story of Charley Austin (introduced in Book 3, The Snare) as he, like a modern-day Jonah, faces the harsh consequences of turning away from God’s purpose for his life and succumbs to pride and lust.

Follow the gripping, emotionally charged story as Charley performs in the bright lights with DelivRus across America and Europe, igniting hope and faith, while off-stage his soul is systematically smothered by the darkness.

Will the tough love of his parents, band mates, and Mia be enough to bring him back from a devastating scandal? Will he regain purpose for his life on a sun-baked Texas ranch, or for redemption, must he make one more trip to the Lighthouse on the misty Washington coast?

Besondy’s Christian thrillers have been compared to the character development and emotion found in a Charles Martin novel. Others suggest Besondy writes as if he is the secret lovechild of C.S. Lewis and Stephen King. You can decide.

Road to Nineveh will appeal to fans of edgy Christian Thrillers or New Adult Thrillers.


Road to Nineveh by Charles Besondy received a gold medal in the Christian Mystery/Thriller category of the 2024 Illumination Book Awards.

Reword to suit.


Part of The Lighthouse series

#1 The Hidden Saboteur

#2 The Chase

#3 The Snare

#4 Road to Nineveh


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The most challenging times are when I realize in a scene the character is flat and two dimensional. What’s required at that point is for me to dig deeper into myself. I have to feel what the character feels in order to write it. Often, this requires opening doors I’d rather not open.


What are your most played songs?


If I play music while writing (and normally I don’t) I’ll match the music to the scene I’m trying to pull out of my imagination. If I’m writing a scene where the character is deeply troubled or under the influence of Satan, I’ll play Pink Floyd’s album, The Wall. If I simply want to boost the energy of my writing, I’ll reach for anything by Led Zepplin or The Who. If I’m seeking a bit of swagger, I’ll turn to country western, usually Brooks and Dunn.


Do you have critique partners or beta readers?


I have a group of beta readers I call the Besondy Beta Brigade. (I’m accepting applications, btw).


While writing, I’ll send them 10-20 chapters at a time to read and provide feedback. I ask them to tell me: Is the story working? At any point did the pace slacken? Did you feel the characters? Is there sufficient tension and conflict?


The beta readers are an invaluable compass that helps me stay on track. I ask that when the book is published, they post a review in the first week.


What book are you reading now?


Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin who is one of my favorite authors. In the Bible, I’m studying 2 Kings and Isaiah – getting a double dose of The Old Testament.



How did you start your writing career?


In 2016, with the help of my wife, I became painfully aware of the height, breadth, and depth of the spiritual battle inside me. I realized that a single lie had defined my life for 50 years. That lie was, “I’m not good enough.” That lie, planted by Satan, ruled and limited every aspect of my life: Love, friendships, and career.


With this awareness I noticed that many others suffered from the same deceit, even if it manifested in them differently from me.


The Holy Spirit (I had become a Christian in 2007) put a phrase in my head, “The Hidden Saboteur.” It perfectly matched how Satan works inside us. I felt a calling to help others become aware of the sinister treachery of “the saboteur.” I felt called to write a book.


Now, I didn’t have the credentials to write a non-fiction book, but I could tell a story. Then, the Holy Spirit sent an image into my head, the image of a lighthouse.


I started writing The Hidden Saboteur in 2017. It was published in 2018. It immediately won a gold medal for Christian fiction in the Illumination Book Awards, and has since, won awards in two other contests.


Ideas for other books flooded my imagination. Fueled by the early reviews and awards for The Hidden Saboteur, I set out to write more.


By February 2024, The Lighthouse series consisted of 4 major novels, a novella and a short story. The series has garnered 11 literary awards.



Tell us about your next release.


I don’t have another book underway currently. However, I deliberately wrote the ending of Road to Nineveh that hinted the story wasn’t over. There will be another book, if God wills it.



How can our readers get in touch with you?


My website, blog, and signup for my monthly newsletter is https://CharlesBesondy.com


Messages can be sent to contact@CharlesBesondy.com. I invite your readers to follow me:











Where can our readers purchase your book?


My books and audiobooks are sold through Amazon.


About the Author

Charles Besondy is a multi-award-winning author of Christian thrillers and New Adult Christian thrillers. All his books explore the sometimes raw spiritual battle for our hearts.

His first novel, The Hidden Saboteur, was published in 2018. He has self-published four major novels, a novella and a short story within The Lighthouse series.


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Virtual Book Tour: The Heart Knows What the Mind Cannot See by Toby Negus #blogtour #interview #giveaway #selfhelp #nonfiction #rabtbooktours @tobynegus @RABTBookTours
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Self Help, Spiritual Inspiration

Date Published: 06-02-2021


This is a thought-provoking and enlightening exploration of spirituality and perception. The text functions as a guide to self-improvement, with a mixture of autobiographical elements and snippets of universal wisdom. The speaker provides accessible solutions to life's difficulties, and an outlook of optimism applicable to any circumstance. The illustrations and graphics are thoughtfully chosen, and the interactive textual elements give this work an originality that sets it apart. The speaker's own experiences and conclusions are at the heart of this fiction, and the first-person narrative voice creates a sense of proximity between author and reader. The text describes itself as 'a journey to the heart', and this truthful discovery of the self is reflected in the speaker's revelation of his whole self through the text. The narrative often presents a dichotomy between positive and negative outlooks or voices.

For example, the speaker includes sections in which his self-doubt speaks, 'you've got no proper education, you can't spell properly, you're dyslexic and your grammar is crap. You're not really a writer'. This negative voice directly opposes the sense of self-belief the speaker builds within the narrative. He uses examples such as this to remind readers that the journey to happiness is complex and that flaws or setbacks are natural. The negative separation or fragmentation of the self is prevalent in the lines, 'I do not love the grumpy me, the sad me, the hostile me, the parts of me that act as if I do not care'. The act of writing represents a unification of the self and an attempt to reframe the speaker's life into coherence. The frequent use of direct address and rhetorical questions promotes an active reading experience, in which the author opens up a dialogue with the reader. The text includes prompts and activities for the reader to engage with and learn from. Encouraging readers to take part in the text is emblematic of their journey to self-fulfillment and love, in which they must take responsibility for actively creating their own happiness.

The speaker depicts his process of enlightenment as a framework for others to emulate, and the format of the text demonstrates the transfer of agency to those who take part in the speaker's challenges at the end of each chapter. This work ultimately teaches us that 'we are the cause of what is' and thus sheds light on the crucial idea that every individual has the power to create themselves and their world positively.


Can you tell us a little about the process of getting this book published? How did you come up with the idea and how did you start?

Getting the book self-published was not as difficult as I thought, There was quite a bit of research into the platforms tro use and technical things lige getting an ISBN for the book. Getting gthe book formatted for kindle was not too difficult but creating the audio version required quite an investment of time and technical skill to meet the required audio standard.


What surprised you most about getting your book published?

That getting a book published is onluy half the story the other half is promoting and getting the book noticed!


Tell us a little about what you do when you aren’t writing

I am an artist and love colour, creating images that go with  my writing is a great inspiration for me.


As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?

Getting my forst book published was a huge satisfaction for me and proved to myself that getting an idea and getting it ‘out there’ was possible.


Where do you get your best ideas and why do you think that is?

I get my best idears from observation of people and especially by observing myself. The stuggle to live happily in life is a massive resource of human accomplishment.


What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

That my writing can be too deep and obscure.


What has been your best accomplishment as a writer?

The process that has given me great accomplishment id the discipline to write everyday and to be patrient with the process, to allow myself time to get into the zone of the work.


How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

I have 3 published books and I am ready to publish my 4th


About the Author

Toby Negus is an artist, both with paints and of the spirit. His work reflects a deep commitment to meeting life on its terms and an equally deep understanding of human nature.

Toby has studied and taught spiritual and personal development in the UK and around the world for over two decades. He is qualified in advanced counselling, as a life coach and as a Cognitive Behaviour therapist. He is an Amazon best-selling author of a collaborative Conscious Creators book and has illustrated and self published two books on the subject of self-awareness and the spiritual journey. He has articles published in national magazine and has given talks and run workshops in support of his published work within the UK.

In the last few years, he has created many pieces of artwork that are a reflection of his spiritual journey. These have appeared in magazines and have been exhibited in the UK.


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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Teaser: Bullet by Marteeka Karland #excerpt #comingsoon #motorcycleclubromance #romance #rabtbooktours @changelingpress @RABTBookTours
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(Grim Road MC)

Motorcycle Club Romance, Suspense, Age Gap

Date Published: April 12, 2024



Cecilia: The enigmatic biker is the one bright spot in my life. I see him three or four times a week at the cafe down the block. Talking to him about books we’re reading or our hopes and dreams helps me escape my reality, if only for a short time. Most of the time we don’t even sit at the same table. He’s everything I ever wanted but know I can never have. We simply cross paths. Him going… wherever he goes. Me… I know I’m going straight to hell. Nothing but a miracle can save me. The Devil owns my soul.

Bullet: There’s something about the small, dark-haired woman I see at the corner cafe. She’s everything I’m attracted to in a woman, but she’s so young it’s laughable. I didn’t set out to seduce her, but the next thing I know she’s in my bed and I spend the most incredible night with her. I wake up the next morning to a cool pillow. No note. No way to contact her. I chalk it up to a young woman not wanting drama in her life until I see her again a few days later. This time, she’s in my ICU, beaten to within an inch of her life. Someone’s going to pay. God have mercy on their soul. Because I won’t.


WARNING: Bullet includes scenes of graphic violence and adult situations that may be triggers for some readers. There’s also a protective hero, a determined heroine, and an eventual happy ending. No cheating, as always.



“Just another glorious day in the ICU, Attie.” The fresh-faced resident was trying way too hard to socialize. I’d noticed the pup did the same with all the attendings. I accepted he was trying to fit in and carve his place with people who would be his peers once he’d finished his residency, but no one -- fucking no one -- called me “Attie.”

“My name,” I said, not looking up from the laptop where I was finishing up a physical assessment for the patient I’d just seen, “is Atticus. Or Dr. Benedict. Call me Attie again, I’ll personally see to it you fail this rotation.” If the kid had been a prospect, I’d have beat the shit outta him. But I couldn’t do that. Not in this world. Which was a Goddamned shame because if an adult hadn’t learned how to treat people with respect by this guy’s age, he needed an ass whoopin’.

I was beginning to think it was past time I left practice in the civilian world and stayed at the Grim Road compound full time. Traveling back and forth was risky anyway. The last thing I wanted was someone following me to the compound. They wouldn’t be able to get in, but it would draw attention to us, which I did not want. Still. Here I was. Trying not to punch an intern.

Fuck. Me.

I didn’t give the kid time to respond. Instead, I shut the laptop, picked it up, and headed back down the hall to the lounge. I wanted to finish my day so I could get a bite to eat -- and maybe some stimulating conversation that didn’t involve body fluids or death. I’d had enough of that in the Air Force, yet here I was. I’d thought I’d fulfill some sense of purpose by continuing to work with critically ill patients in a different setting, but death was death.

“He’s just trying to fit in, Atticus.” One of my colleagues, Phil Davis, clapped me on the shoulder as he pulled up a chair. “Don’t be so hard on the kid.”

“I’ve told him repeatedly not to shorten my name. I’m tired of fuckin’ with him.”

“He’ll make a decent doctor if you help train him right.”

“I’m not a mentor, Phil. I told you that when you hired me. I’m supposed to be an intensivist. Not a teacher.” It was a sore spot. The hospital had promised me I wouldn’t have to supervise interns or residents. Yet here I was.

“You know how it is, man. There’s a shortage of healthcare staff. That includes doctors. Why keep these kinds of hours when you can do family medicine?” He shrugged. “The hospital owns the offices, so they all get paid a salary just like we do. Only difference is the hours. They get nights, weekends, and holidays off. We don’t.”

“Coulda had better pay and better benefits if I’d stayed in the fuckin’ Air Force,” I grumbled. “Kid’s got this last chance. He calls me Attie again, I’ll do more than fail his rotation. I’ll kick his fuckin’ ass.”

Phil chuckled, likely thinking I was joking. I wasn’t. “Just give me the report so you can get your cranky ass outta here. Someone needs a beer. And possibly to get laid.”

I scowled at him, but he was right. On both counts.

Report took an hour. We walked around to each of my ten patients’ rooms, and I gave him a rundown of what was happening as well as introduced him to each of those patients. Not every doctor in the hospital wanted to do hand-off rounds like this, but I thought it helped all of us to see the patients as people instead of simply numbers on a screen. As such, I insisted on it.

We only got caught up in one room and honestly, Mrs. Singleton loved to talk.

“I thought I was taking the right dose, Dr. Benedict. I mean, I might have missed my shot from time to time, but I usually manage better than this.” She smiled up at me from her bed. She was always pleasant. And always called me Dr. Benedict. “Maybe if you explain it to me again?” She looked like she was hoping we’d sit down and go over her medication with her again, but didn’t want to actually say so.

“Maybe we should get you an insulin pump,” Phil said, not looking up from his tablet as he pretended to review her chart. I knew he was just giving himself an excuse not to engage. Mrs. Singleton had been offered the same thing every single time she was admitted. She always refused. Something Phil knew all too well.

“Oh, I couldn’t. It might give me too much. What would I do then?”

“It won’t give you too much, Nanny.” Phil’s irritation showed on his face and in his voice, but he never looked up from his fucking tablet. “It’s programmed to give the exact amount we order. You need to agree to this so you don’t have to be admitted so much. You’re going to ruin your kidneys and your eyesight, among other things.”

“I’m ninety-two, Dr. Davis. If my kidneys and my eyesight were going to go, they’d have done so already. Besides, I know I’m not long for this world.” She sounded like she was going to cry. It made me want to beat the shit outta my colleague.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” I said, sitting beside the bed and taking Mrs. Singleton’s hand. One thing I tried to always do was be respectful to my patients. Just because she was old didn’t mean she was stupid. “We’ve discussed this before. If you want to keep taking shots instead of using an insulin pump, you can. But, he’s right that you’re hurting your body. I’d like to have long conversations with you for years to come.” I gave her a gentle smile.

She patted my hand with her free one. “You’re a good man, Dr. Benedict.” Then she sighed, looking resigned. “If you think it’s best, I’ll agree to your pump. Do you promise it will be OK?”

“I do, ma’am. I’ll even come check on you after you’re released until you get used to it.”

Her eyes grew wide. “You’d do that? For me?”

I smiled. “You’re one of my favorite patients, Mrs. Singleton. Of course, I will.”

Mrs. Singleton was a diabetic who went into ketoacidosis once every couple of months because she didn’t take her insulin correctly and refused to modify her diet. At ninety-two years young, I figured if she wanted to eat cupcakes and moon pies, that was her prerogative. My job wasn’t to judge but to help her when she got sick. I’d often wondered if she didn’t do this to herself on purpose to get some attention because her daughter and grandson refused to put her in a nursing home but were never around to take care of her. She’d been a social butterfly in her younger years, by all accounts, and needed personal interaction. But, she abided by her family’s wishes and stayed at home even if her daughter and grandson were never there to help her.

After we left and started down the hall, Phil chuckled, as if he hadn’t insulted and treated the elderly woman horribly. “I swear, that woman gets chattier every time we have her.” He shook his head. “I don’t have time to spend thirty minutes in her room chatting about the weather or the good old days. Not to mention arguing with her about her treatment.” Yeah. It was past time I either opened my own practice or simply moved back to the clubhouse and disappeared from polite society.

I gave Phil a hard look. “You know, if you had half as much sympathy for Mrs. Singleton as you do that disrespectful punk of an intern, you might be a decent doctor.”

I left Phil alone with Intern Iggy and the rest of the zoo and headed out. I needed the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. Fuck this shit. I’d keep my promise to Mrs. Singleton no matter what, but my days here were numbered.

Coming back in to the doctor’s lounge, I went to the locker room and changed out of my scrubs and lab coat. I left very little at the hospital other than a couple changes of clothes for emergencies, so packing my stuff wouldn’t be an issue. Tomorrow I’d bring my truck and clean out my shit. Tonight, however, I was on my bike. I wasn’t prepared.

I strode out of the hospital, my boots thudding on the pavement as I made my way toward my sleek black Harley V-Rod. The bike that would carry me away from the sterile walls and white coats. I needed the freedom of the road and the comfort of my club. Grim Road MC had been good to me. After my last mission it had become my only real haven. Initially, working at the hospital had fulfilled my need to help people, but it had become more cumbersome than helpful now.

Flashes of the carnage I’d lived through shot through my brain and I gritted my teeth through the pain, needing to keep myself under control. It was those memories that haunted me at night and kept me coming back to the hospital to work. I hadn’t been able to help the people from that day so long ago, but I could help people in the here and now.

I started up my bike, put it in gear, and took off. I needed food and rest. Tomorrow everything would be better. I’d get Mrs. Singleton to stick to her promise to try the insulin pump. God knew Phil would just fuck things up. Besides, I wanted to help her get home so I’d know where to come to check on her and make sure she was using her pump correctly. I also needed to put the fear of God into her daughter and grandson. I was pretty sure they were trying to keep her out of a nursing home so they could keep her Social Security check and that simply wasn’t going to happen.

With a sigh, I pulled into the parking area of a little outside café I often frequented after work. Helped me to wind down and catch my breath. Occasionally I’d run into someone who knew me, but the hospital was in Palm Beach so it wasn’t often. It was also the place where I’d met the most interesting woman I’d ever encountered.

Her name was Cecilia, but she went by CeCe. I thought she was an escort, but the jury was still out. She was here nearly every evening. I found I simply liked talking to her. She was intelligent, with a quirky personality. She could carry on a conversation about almost anything with some degree of knowledge. But it was her eyes that intrigued me. She had the look of someone who’d seen far more than a person of her years should have. I doubt she was much out of her teens, but she seemed to take in everything around her. Several times I’d tested her. Dropping observations about things around us or small details about someone walking down the sidewalk. She always knew the answers. Like me, she always chose a table that let her have the best view of the area with her back against the building.

Walking to my usual table, I glanced around, looking for CeCe. Because of the long conversation with Mrs. Singleton, I was a little late so I could have missed her. I hoped not because I could really use her refreshing personality. The girl really was a rare treasure. I thought about prying into her life, finding out exactly what she did and who she worked for, seeing if my suspicions were correct, but we had a comfortable relationship. Basically, we spoke when we were at this café, and that was it. I didn’t see her anywhere else. We didn’t talk about anything personal. Sometimes we never even looked at each other. Just… talked. About everything and nothing. Nonsense. Whatever was on our minds. I was about to leave when I saw her.

CeCe was dressed in a tight, short red skirt with a white billowy top that cinched around her middle above her waist. A black bustier pushed her breasts up and together, giving her mouth-watering cleavage. Her hair was a straight, gleaming mass dark as a raven’s wing reaching below her waist. This was her usual attire and I’d learned a couple of months ago to live with the hard-on I got seeing her in these outfits.

She sat along the brick wall of the building beside the café, as usual, one table between us. We didn’t acknowledge each other or speak. She simply caught the attention of Teddy. He owned the place and was always there, even if he had someone else working.

“The usual, Teddy.”

“Chocolate pie and a coffee coming up, darlin’.”

“Thanks.” Everything inside me settled. I hid my smile and said nothing. Instead, I picked up a book I’d been reading the last several days while I drank a cup of coffee and ate a sandwich. This evening it was chicken salad.

“You still reading about the guy who kills that old lady and then spends the whole book freaking out about it? Raskolnikov, right?”

I grinned. “Crime and Punishment. Yeah, kid.” I didn’t look up from my book, but I never did. It was a game we played, where we pretended indifference. It was one we were both comfortable with. “I always found him to be an interesting character -- tormented by his own guilt. Unable to escape the consequences of his actions.”

She snorted. “It’s always something, I guess. Life torments us all in one way or another.”

I thought about that. “Can’t say you’re wrong there.”

“‘Course, I’m not wrong.” She sounded bitter. Not for the first time, I wondered if I was right and she was an escort. She was always very well put together. Even the revealing clothing she wore was done with taste. Her hair was always perfect, her makeup just so. Her body was well toned, fine muscle playing beneath her skin when she moved. I’d never seen such perfectly formed arms on a woman before. They were muscled but sleek. Feminine.

With one last bite of pie, she slapped a couple bills down on the table and stood. She started to leave, then stopped and turned her head to face me. “You think Raskolnikov would’ve done any better if he’d had someone? You know, someone who had his back?”

“Who knows?” I shrugged. A darkness crept into her gaze even though her face was carefully blank. This, I didn’t like. “But I do believe there are times when the ends do justify the means. Maybe not in Raskolnikov’s case, but…”

“Yeah.” She looked away, putting her shoulders back. “Sure.”

“See you tomorrow?” I’d never pushed her before. Never asked when I’d see her or if she’d be back. But my instinct was screaming at me that something was wrong.

She shrugged. “Don’t know. Maybe.”

“Take it easy, CeCe.” I forced myself to let it go even though I wanted to push even harder, to make her tell me what was going on and how I could help. Because if ever there was a woman who needed help, it was CeCe.

About the Author

Marteeka Karland is an international bestselling author who leads a double life as an erotic romance author by evening and a semi-domesticated housewife by day. Known for her down and dirty MC romances, Marteeka takes pleasure in spinning tales of tenacious, protective heroes and spirited, vulnerable heroines. She staunchly advocates that every character deserves a blissful ending, even, sometimes, the villains in her narratives. Her writings are speckled with intense, raw elements resulting in page-turning delight entwined with seductive escapades leading up to gratifying conclusions that elicit a sigh from her readers.

Away from the pen, Marteeka finds joy in baking and supporting her husband with their gardening activities. The late summer season is set aside for preserving the delightful harvest that springs from their combined efforts (which is mostly his efforts, but you can count it). To stay updated with Marteeka's latest adventures and forthcoming books, make sure to visit her website. Don't forget to register for her newsletter which will pepper you with a potpourri of Teeka's beloved recipes, book suggestions, autograph events, and a plethora of interesting tidbits.


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Author on Instagram & TikTok: @marteekakarland

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Publisher on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok: @changelingpress

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Release Blitz: The Cyclopes' Eye by Jeffrey Haskey-Valerius #releaseday #newbooks #giveaway #youngadult #dystopian #scifi #rabtbooktours @jeffreyhvwrites @RABTBookTours
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YA Dystopian, Soft Sci-Fi

Date to be Published: 04-09-2024

Publisher: NineStar Press


First they came for his sister’s eye. Now they’re coming for his. And what’s even worse is he deserves it.

Henry has never had anything good happen to him, period. Full stop. That’s why, after school, he’s going to put on his big-boy pants and confess his love to his best friend—because the universe owes him one, dammit, and he needs a win.

But maybe doing it on Drill Day wasn't the best idea—the one day a month that healthcare conglomerate Axiom infiltrates schools across America to select a new candidate to give up one of their eyes, for... research? And if this Drill Day is anything like the last, Henry will never get a chance at a good life. Especially if his past keeps threatening to eat him alive, and especially if his old ways of keeping the darkness at bay refuse to work anymore.


About the Author

Jeffrey Haskey-Valerius works in healthcare by day and writes weird fiction and poetry by night. His shorter work has been featured in numerous literary journals and has been nominated for prizes, including Best of the Net. He currently lives in the Midwest with his unbelievably handsome and perfect dog, and also a human whom he loves. The Cyclopes’ Eye is his debut novel.


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Twitter: @jeffreyhvwrites

Instagram: @jeffreyhvwrites

TikTok: @jeffreyhvwrites

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Release Blitz: The Other Side of the Mirror by Dana Evyn #fantasy #romance #romantasy #giveaway #newbooks @cityowlpress @RABTBookTours
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The Mirrored Trilogy, #1


Fantasy Romance / Romantasy

Date Published: 04-09-2024

Publisher: City Owl Press


All her life, Eala Duir, a young college professor, has skirted the edges of a fantasy world.

Visions of folk stories coming alive in hearth flames and vivid daydreams where carousel horses ride off to battle, drove Eala to pursue an academic life specializing in tales of the Fae.

When a cryptic message in her grandmother’s will sends her to Ireland, Eala clashes with Sionnach Loho, an attractive, enigmatic local expert on folklore. After witnessing Eala’s encounter with a ghost girl at an allegedly haunted castle, Sionnach reveals his own ties to the Fae realm. He insists Eala’s ability to connect with the supernatural proves she’s been sent to partner with him and fulfill a centuries-old otherworldly quest ordained by the mighty Finnbheara, King of the Connacht Fae.

As the folk and faerie fiction that Eala adores collides with reality, she must decide whether to embrace it or flee back to the safe and predictable life she thought she always wanted.

About the Author

Dana Evyn has been lost in her daydreams for as long as she can remember, though only recently started writing them down. She’s usually lost in a book—especially one with an indominable female lead, a unique magical world, and a dark twist you don’t see coming. She’s a mother of two tiny humans and a large golden retriever, and lives near Seattle, WA.


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