Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Tour: The Queen's Pawn by RJ Hore

Medival Fantasy
Date Published: 4/1/13

An impoverished scholar and farm youth Harrow, becomes involved with a magician and is forced to assist in the escape of Queen Reginee and Princess Desire-Rose from the burning capital city. Pretending to be a famous duke, Harrow reluctantly agrees to escort the sensuous queen and her very annoying daughter to the castle of the queen’s brother. They have to leave in a hurry and are pursued by a large band of the rebels who captured the city. All the fleeing refugees have are the clothes on their backs and a small squad of untrained guards for protection.
Black wizardry is afoot, sundry dangerous creatures hide in the underbrush, and villains, monstrous and common, seductive and evil, lurk all along the way. If that were not enough for the young man to worry about, the queen’s amorous chambermaid and bodyguard, Mathilde, a smallish giantess, just wants to get Harrow alone. Oh yes, and he can’t stand Desiree-Rose.
They do eventually reach the castle of the queen’s younger brother, but unfortunately they do not find the sort of welcome they were hoping for. Harrow would really like to leave all this strife behind and escape back to his former life on the family farm, but that does not appear to be his destiny.

My Review:
What a magical world RJ Hore has created! There is never a dull moment in this story. The entire story is constantly moving and kept my attention.

I at times did want a bit more connection to the characters, I feel like the description and detail about the world gave me great insight into where they were and what the atmosphere was like, but sometimes the characters themselves needed to give a little more.

Overall a wonderful journey. 


A reader of genre fiction since a very early age, got down to serious attempts at writing over thirty years ago, although employment kept getting in the way.
I did write a considerable amount of non-fiction during my business career, enough to be listed as a professional writer by the Canadian Authors Association.
Hobbies include trying to keep on the good side of my wife, keeping track of my children and grandchildren, and wrestling the blasted cat off of the keyboard. In my diminishing spare time I sail on Lake Winnipeg and try not to get lost.
My writing history includes:
Winning first prize in a National Canadian Authors short story contest (a romantic ghost story) and having that published in an anthology, and a modern vampire tale published in another anthology.
A current member of several writing organizations, for many years I was in charge of the judging for a national Canadian history book contest, and chaired a writer’s workshop in Winnipeg that self-published an anthology, including three of my pieces: a sci fi piece, an attempt at an epic poem, and a true tale of how I almost drowned my brother and his wife in a storm the first year I owned a sailboat.
I currently review science fiction and fantasy genre novels and anthologies for an on-line magazine aimed primarily at school libraries. I have done somewhere over 60 reviews so far and also co-authored a history: “The Rotary Club of Winnipeg-100 Years of Service”.
Through BURST Books, writing as R.J.Hore, I have a medieval fantasy tale of murder and intrigue entitled “The Dark Lady” that came out in February 2012 and a fantasy detective story in December 2012 called “Housetrap”. Housetrap is the first in a series of novellas under the The Housetrap Chronicles. Three others in the series are already scheduled for publication: “Dial M for Mudder” in July 2013, “The House on Hollow Hill” in September 2013, and “Hounds of Basalt Ville” in November 2013. I have another medieval novella “Knight’s Bridge” in March 2013, and a full length novel, again a medieval fantasy, “The Queen’s Pawn,” in April 2013.
I also have a large stack of completed manuscripts in various stages ranging from a “What If” — the North Americans discovered Europe first, set in 1215AD – to a contemporary bickering married couple swept away to an alternative universe, and a futuristic tale of a lady archeologist set in outer space. Working on sequels for “The Dark Lady.”

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