Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blog Tour: Secrets in the Snow by Roz Marshall

Women's Fiction/Drama/Sports

Collection of 3 Novellas

The White Cairns Ski School early season collection (Episodes 1-3)
When her ski instructor husband is delayed from returning to Scotland, it falls to Jude Winters – creative graphic artist, mother and home-maker – to assemble a team of instructors and get the season started for ailing White Cairns Ski School.

It's a challenge that's way out of her comfort zone, especially since even the seemingly confident and extrovert ski instructors are hiding mysterious pasts or secret longings that might threaten the equilibrium of the ski school.

As they battle sabotage, stormy weather and accidents in the first months of the winter season, can she turn things around and keep the wolf from their door until her chief instructor gets back from New Zealand?

"The words just flashed by. I forgot I was reading. I love the characters."

"Great story with an excellent ending that will leave you wanting, nay, needing more."

"I liked this story. It was quick and entertaining. It played out in my head like a movie"

“Secrets in the Snow” is a collection of the early season stories from the 'White Cairns Ski School' novella series about a Scottish snowsports school.

It’s a character-driven drama with an action setting, youngish-adult protagonists and romantic elements. If you enjoy early evening TV drama series like Downton Abbey (with mountains instead of mansions), Glee (with skiing instead of singing) or The Musketeers (with snowploughing instead of swashbuckling), then this might just be for you!

My Review

This is just the beginning of a Serial/Collection of Novellas. The first 3 installments prove to get the reader familiar with the characters and back drop. The world of Snow and Skiing is not something I'm accustomed to as I am from Texas, but I found this to be a wonderful step away from my reality. There is a lot going on here. You follow several characters along their journey, there is lots of Action and Drama involved. I am very interested to see where Roz Marshall takes these characters next.

I'm a big critic of Plot and Pacing, but this novel really manages to flow smoothly. This put together with the multi-deminsional characters really makes this a solid read!


Roz lives in Scotland with her husband and the obligatory dog and cat. She has been writing since childhood, including screenwriting, songwriting, web pages and even sentiments for greeting cards!
The White Cairns novellas are written from experiences Roz had whilst working as a ski instructor in various Scottish ski resorts and slopes - they do say you should 'write what you know'!

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