Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blog Tour: Fires of Man by @ReadDanLevinson

Science Fiction
Date Published: June 17, 2014
In a world where a gifted few can manipulate reality with their minds, two great nations—Calchis and Orion—employ these psionic powers in a covert war for global superiority.

In the heart of Calchis, a powerful young psion named Aaron Waverly is kidnapped, and forcibly conscripted. To the north, in the capital, a plan is hatched to decimate Orion, to be carried out by the ruthless operative known only as “Agent.”

In Orion, fresh recruit Stockton Finn comes to terms with his incredible new powers, and learns firsthand how dangerous they can be. Meanwhile, officers Nyne Allen and Kay Barrett navigate the aftermath of their shattered love affair, oblivious to the fact that Calchis draws ever closer to destroying the tenuous peace.

Finally, in the arctic land of Zenith, Calchan archaeologist Faith Santia unearths a millennia-old ruin. This lost temple might just hold the hidden history of psionic powers, as well as hints of a deeper mystery . . . that could shake the foundations of all mankind.


This was such a joy to read. Dan Levinson has painted such a vivid setting in his Sci-Fi story that the reader feels completely pulled in and connected from the very beginning. There is a ton of action and moving parts to the story to keep your attention without feeling bogged down with details. The characters and plot were both well developed. I enjoyed everything from the pacing to the ending and I cant wait to see what happens next! 

Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Dan grew up immersing himself in fantastical worlds. While other kids dreamed of being astronauts and cowboys, all he ever wanted was to be a novelist. Now, he’s living his dream.

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