Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blog Tour: The Seventh Friend by Tim Stead

Epic Fantasy
Date Published: April 1, 2014

 Hero. Monster. Saviour. Butcher. Madman. Recluse. Wolf Narak, the deadly and charismatic god of wolves, has earned all the names men give him, and since the climactic and bloody final battle of the Great War he has shunned the company of mortal men and withdrawn to his forest home. There he is troubled by dreams of blood and fire, tormented by memories of his own deeds.

But fate has not quite finished with the victor of Afael.
He receives an impossible message, and as he follows the trail a suspicion grows to a certainty within him. War is coming again, and Narak must leave his beloved wolves and once more take up his twin blades. Once again he must become the general of the six kingdoms, the terror of his enemies, a hero, a butcher, the bloodstained god.



There are a lot of moving parts to this story. Its a new world, so you have to get the setting and descriptions and backstory from the get-go. Then there are a ton of characters you are introduced to along the way. I loved the way that even with all of this, Tim Stead's way of writing seemed effortless and really flowed so smoothly. I never felt overwhelmed or bogged down with detail, yet I also felt like I knew everything I needed to know. That is a huge testament to his writing ability.

The story itself is fast paced and captivating. The characters are well developed and multi-dimensional. I loved how compelling they were. A great Fantasy Novel! 

 Tim Stead was born in the UK, lived in Hong Kong, London, Hampshire, and eventually moved to New Zealand.
He wasted many years not writing, but now has the time to devote to it. He has written six books, three of which are available on Amazon (The Sparrow and the Wolf trilogy). The others will follow, as will editions for Createspace and Smashwords.
He writes fantasy because it is so open to the imagination, which is half the fun, and also because it permits exaggerated explorations of humanity and all its excesses.

He is a former avid scuba diver, a former beekeeper, and a very poor skier, archer and fencer.
Torn between reading and writing, but writing is winning.
He now spends most of his time writing, reading, planting trees, cutting them down, cutting them up, and trying to persuade people to read his books.

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