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Virtual Book Tour: Startoucher

Sci fi / Fantasy
Date Published: February 17, 2018

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Humanity is put on trial by the aliens who seeded life on Earth.

After 3.8 billion years, the alien creators of life on Earth return to evaluate the results of their experiment. One species is found to be an extreme danger to itself and others – Humanity. Evidence for the continuation of the species hangs by a thread.

Jake Connolly, talented up and coming LA lawyer, has a hidden psychic side long suppressed. When a series of intense visionary experiences threaten to derail his life, he is dragged unwillingly towards mysterious events deep in the Mojave Desert. What he discovers there changes him forever, and will affect the lives of everyone on the planet.

As the world watches its destiny unfold, humanity is forced to fight for its survival in a Galactic court and justify its existence to far superior beings.

An innovative, intelligent, and mystical novel that asks the biggest questions of all.

Where are we from…where are we much have we truly evolved?…


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Actually sitting down to write. Like many authors, I am an expert in devising ways to procrastinate! Once I am plonked down in front of the screen, things get easier.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?
I don’t actually have an Ipod or any other music player. Where we live in the jungle has no mains electricity, and I’ve got out of the habit of listening to music.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?
For this first novel, my mother and wife were the initial beta readers. I know this is not ideal for various reasons, but my wife had worked for many years as an editor, and my mother is also a writer. So they were able to give useful feedback and overcome the temptation to be too complimentary. Later on I used the services of a professional editor, and this was a real game changer and worth every cent. However, if I do write another novel, beta readers will be a must.

What book are you reading now?
The New Koreans – The Story of Nation by Michael Breen. I tend to go through phases of fiction then switch to non-fiction. Breen’s book is an amazingly insightful portrait of all aspects of Korean culture and history, charting the rapid evolution of their society during the last century. I fist became alerted to this when researching Startoucher with regards to the trial of humanity, as the average life expectancy in Korean has increased so much in such a short space of time.

How did you start your writing career?
Whilst working as a psychic reader in London in the late 1980’s, I got to know an editor at Harper Collins. He used to come in for consultations about the mind body spirit book market, as I was working in a new age center that had many books. Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization had been a runaway success, and he asked me to write another book on Visualization for the Aquarian press, a division of Harper Collins. I told him it would be nigh on impossible to emulate the success of Shakti Gawain, but he was insistent. And so my first book was this commission.

Well, that depends on how Startoucher goes! The whole project is a planned trilogy, but whether or not I will be in a position to write book two is up to the public to decide…
         Other than that, I have a book on astrology to complete about my life as an astrologer over the last thirty-nine years.

About the Author

C.J. Odle is an author and ayahuascero (works with medicinal plants) living in a small conservation and healing center in the Peruvian amazon.

Born in 1961, from an early age he developed an interest in science fiction and fantasy. Around the age of 17 he began to study divination, which led to a career of over 35 years working as an astrologer and psychic. He has written four previous books, all non-fiction and mind body spirit titles.

In his early forties he experienced a psychic crisis, which led him to Peru to complete a 6 year apprenticeship in Amazonian shamanism. He still lives in the jungle in Peru with his wife. Startoucher is his first novel.

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