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Friday, October 13, 2023

Virtual Book Tour: The Amber Menhir by Jonathan N. Pruitt #blogtour #fantasy #horror #satire #interview #giveaway #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



The Shadows of the Monolith: Book One


Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy, Horror, Satire, Politics

Date Published: October 3, 2023

Publisher: Spinner Loom Press

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With each new dawn, the celestial body known only as ‘Calamity’ draws closer – and with it the end of the world. Humanity’s only hope from oblivion rests in the menhirs, towering bastions of scholarship and imagination which cast long shadows across the lands. The scholars within the menhirs devote themselves selflessly to the discovery of new magic that will help avert the impending apocalypse … or so the masses have been made to understand.

In a society divided between those with occult potential and lay citizens, Tara Langcraw is recruited into the Amber Menhir with great interest. The long-awaited heiress of a bloodline bearing the rarest of the six magical disciplines, time manipulation, she is expected to flourish within this noble citadel of learning, as are her friends and fellow recruits, Roland Ward and Peony Bianchi.

They soon find, however, that those who fail to meet expectations, or who dare to challenge the prevailing order, put more than their marks on the line. For the menhir squirms with rivalries, and those who stand against the status quo may not stand for very long.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?


I think the hardest part of writing is accepting when a passage, chapter, or book is done. There must come a moment in the editing process when you let it go. You have to accept that no story is ever perfect and that you’ve taken your tale as far as it can go, for now, by your skill level.


I’m happy with how The Amber Menhir went. The final product is one I’m proud of. The second book (The Eggs Inside) is in okay shape but still on the mend. I’m hard on my writing, and I’ve struggled more with the second (but not the third) book than the first. I’ve got some months longer to work on it but, as I said, at some point, I’ll have to put the tale in a reed basket and send it down the Nile. Maybe someone rich will adopt it.


What songs are most played on your Ipod?


You’re going to judge me. Before we go any farther, I’d like to mount my defense. I… never claimed to have sophisticated tastes in music. For me, it’s kinda the bubblier the better. I have gallows humor galore outside of music… but I’m basically a thirteen-year-old girl on the inside when it comes to sonic stimuli. Forgive me?


Right Now:

Timber, Pitbull & Ke$ha

Die Another Day, Madonna

Big Time Sensuality, Bjork

Summer Baby, Jonas Brothers

Under the Sea, The Little Mermaid Soundtrack




Do you have critique partners or beta readers?


I have editors and a couple of beta readers. I read passages that I’ve drafted to people more than anything else. The truth is I don’t know many recreational readers in my personal life. That’s probably why writing The Amber Menhir was such an isolating process for me. Maybe, if the first book is successful, I’ll encounter a few readers/writers to collaborate with for the next installment? I’d like that a lot.



What book are you reading now?


I’m finishing up a reread of The Name of the Wind (Rothfuss) and I’ve started The Secret Life of Puppets (Nelson). For the last few years, I’ve delved almost exclusively into fantasy books to inspire my own writing. Only now am I branching out again.  I’m particularly excited about Nelson’s book. I hear it’s bonkers. It’s rumored to start out as an austere treatment of the history of puppets that… goes a bit off the rails, shall we say?



How did you start your writing career?


I’ve always wanted to write a fantasy novel. A few years ago, I ran into dangerous waters in my career. I was offered a golden parachute to leave. That’s a rosy way of putting it anyhow. I took the offer.


After all that, I was left with the question of what to do with my life. I considered continuing on in science. I even took an interim position in education to keep my expertise sharp. I’m ambitious by nature, which isn’t always a good thing. I finally turned to creative writing. 


I’d planned to try to pen a fantasy novel in my 40s. Turns out, that plan got moved up. Maybe it came at figurative gunpoint, true, but still I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to write The Amber Menhir.  I know it sounds trite, but I think it was therapeutic. I’m not normally the saccharine sort.  I apologize.



Tell us about your next release.


The Amber Menhir debuted today (October 3, 2023). I’ve drafted two of its sequels (The Eggs Inside, Hives of Glass), and I have a rough idea of how the last two books will go. I spend most of my free time editing The Eggs Inside these days, and fret about it when I’m not. I want it to debut next summer.  Within its pages we see the Amber Menhir, a famed magical school, broken and its brethren schools, the other menhirs, slither up from all over the continent to assist their ailing friend… But the truth is, the Amber Menhir fears the approach of these supposed helpers, and a game of cat-and-mouse ensues. The web of deceits grows broader and deeper within The Eggs Inside, as our heroes learn secrets that could upturn the fragile order of their world.   I hope folks love The Amber Menhir. For those that do, they’re in for a double-dose of venomous world-building in its sequel.



About the Author


The Amber Menhir, book one of The Shadows of the Monolith series, marks the debut of high fantasy author Jonathan N. Pruitt. A lifelong educator who has taught around the world, Pruitt enjoys spinning spellbinding tales of dark magic and political intrigue. When not toiling away on writing projects, Pruitt can be found traversing about the great outdoors. For more information, visit


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