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Monday, December 11, 2023

Virtual Book Tour: Amansun by Vincent Robinson #blogtour #youngadult #yafantasy #interview #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours

Amansun the Dragon Prince - Vol. 1


Young Adult Fantasy / Mythical

Date Published: February 17, 2023

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

High up in the Smoky Black Mountains, Amansun and his family live among the great colony of dragons who call the steep and jagged mountain range home. Though Amansun is the eldest of his dragon clutch, he often feels like an outcast, and he spends most of his time venturing to the Great Forest up North, where he finds peace and solitude. His life is one dreary day after another—until one day when he sets into motion something that impacts the entire colony, putting him and his family at odds with the rest of the dragons.

The elders of the colony decide to send Amansun on a perilous quest to remedy his mistake, but there is little hope he will succeed. Along the way, he encounters elves, dwarves, stone trolls, and centaurs, all of whom choose to either help or hinder in his quest; he travels farther than he thought possible, across the Barren Plains, past the Old Great Forest, and to a mysterious and dark final destination; and he faces questions about his morals and his place in the world.

All mysteries will be answered along the way, and a prophecy of old may even prove to be true. Only time will tell.


What is the topic of your book? This is the first book in a Trilogy surrounding the main character, Amansun, who is a dragon that does not act like or enjoy doing the things that other dragons do. He chooses to take action to prevent a wrong from happening that sets himself on a path where he must complete a quest to earn his right to be welcome back in his home. He will encounter many challenges along the way, make new friends, and learn who he really is and why he acts and thinks the way he does. There is a sense of good versus evil in the story as well as fantasy, magic, and adventure.


Why this book? I believe I have written a very entertaining and unique book that falls cleanly into the high fantasy / fantasy genre. Readers who enjoy dragons, dwarves, sorcerers, magic, world building, and fantasy style books should really enjoy this book.


What's your motive behind writing this book? Thirty years ago, I had a dream one night that involved a dragon who did not behave like the others. I woke up that early morning, about 2am, and wrote a complete children’s story from start to finish, then went back to bed. My work and life kept me from trying to publish children’s books. Twenty years later, in between hotel management jobs, I finally found time to work on the story. I sat down to recreate the story from my dream but found myself writing a new, more involved story, that eventually stretched itself into a 650-page book with enough content to add another two books to complete the story. Another ten years passed with work and family keeping me too busy to move forward until the pandemic hit in 2020.This allowed me time to regroup and refocus on getting my story published. You could say this book was thirty years in the making.

What message are you trying to pass to the reader and why do you think they must read your book? While the book is filled with sorcery, magic, castles, dragons, and other fantasy-based ideas, there is also a strong slant on good versus evil, right versus wrong, and doing the right thing that I believe many readers will appreciate.


What effect do you want the book to have on them? I want them to be pulled into the story, transported away from their normal day to day lives, and to be entertained and elevated as they ride along on this epic fantasy adventure.


About the Author

Vince Robinson grew up in a small sugar cane plantation village called Makaweli (Pakala to the locals) on the island of Kauai. When he wasn't surfing or hiking in the great outdoors, he spent his time reading and re-reading The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and other fantasy classics. This love of fantasy stayed with him as he grew up, and it is what inspired him to write high fantasy novels like Amansun the Dragon Prince today. Vince has since moved to Arizona with his wife, Ji, and small dog, Tipsy, where they can be closer to all their children and grandchildren. He receives inspiration for his stories from going outdoors, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. --This text refers to the hardcover edition.


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