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Friday, February 2, 2024

Virtual Book Tour: Death Tango by Lachi #blogtour #interview #scifi #horror #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours


Scifi Horror

Date Published: 10/2/23

Publisher: Running Wild Press / RIZE

Narrator: Alexander V Cantrell

Run Time: 11 hrs 34 min


A half-bot, an empath, a punk, and a god walk into a 23rd century bar. The four team up to uncover who murdered their esteemed science professor to steal his dark research. The four headstrong misfits must overcome their own inner demons and move quickly to nab the culprit, as whoever has taken Ferguson's research has unleashed the doctor's synthetic plagues onto NYC. Humans and hybrids are going feral, eagerly infecting others with newfound agony. If the team can't work quickly to solve this threat, NYC will be devoured by this plague...which appears to be developing sentience.


How did you start your writing career? As an avid reader and general creative growing up, it was clear to me that writing, poetry and music were going to play a heavy role in my life. My first published work, The Ivory Staff, was a literary fiction following the class warfare of a fictional African island, originally released in 2015 by Library Tales Publishing.


After releasing that novel, I had little interest in writing again as I delved heavily into a songwriting career that was finding success. I’d always had maladaptive daydreaming spouts–where I would daydream about an ongoing paracosm I’d created in my head during childhood and was still building on–and the daydreaming began to get into the way of daily tasks. My partner suggested I write down a glimpse into that everlasting daydream. And I did, and it was named Death Tango, my second publication–a Science Fiction Thriller with elements of Horror and Mystery.


What are your most played songs? While writing Death Tango, the two songs I played the most were ‘For the Damaged’ by Blonde Redhead—a song made popular by Rick and Morty—and Vivaldi’s ‘Andante of Antonio’ covered by Yo Yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin. Both provoke an ethereal sense of encroaching grim, while offering a melodic air of hope, an appropriate vibe for world-building the horror-laced hope of Death Tango.


Do you have critique partners or beta readers? Yes! As a blind writer, I write characters with various disabilities, mental health conditions, neurodivergence and the like, I have sensitivity readers to help ensure that while I’m trying to be edgy I don’t cross the line too hard. I also aim for having diverse characters, so for example, I had a native Spanish speaker read to check for spelling errors. Lastly, as a sci-fi writer, I called on sci-fi beta readers to ensure my scenarios, world building and tech were fresh and engaging.


What book are you reading now? I’m reading Keah Brown’s non-fiction, The Pretty One.


Tell us about your next release. As a touring performer and recording artist, we’re working heavily on our next album, music series and tour “Mad Different.” On the writer-side of things, I’ve just inked a deal with Penguin Random House (Tiny Rep Books) for a non-fiction I am writing called, I identify as Blind.


About the Author

Lachi is a touring and performing creative artist, writer, and award-winning cultural activist living in New York City.

Lachi advocates for identity pride and Disability Culture in the music, entertainment and corporate space, as Founder of RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities) and as an active Grammys Board Governor.

In her free-time Lachi writes sci-fi and fantasy novels with diverse, headstrong characters, focusing heavily on atonal world-building, quip-ridden character development, and relatable villains.


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