Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blog Tour: The Seacrest by Aaron Paul Lazar

Date Published: 10/20/2013
Romantic Suspense

They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Finn McGraw disagrees.
He was just seventeen when he had a torrid summer affair with the girl who stole his heart—and then inexplicably turned on him. Finn may have moved on with his life, but he’s never forgotten her.
Now, ten years later, he’s got more than his lost love to worry about. A horrific accident turns his life upside down, resurrecting the ghosts of his long-dead family and taking the lives of the few people he has left.
Finn always believed his estranged brother was responsible for the fire that killed their family—but an unexpected inheritance with a mystery attached throws everything he knows into doubt.
And on top of that, the beguiling daughter of his wealthy employer has secrets of her own. But the closer he gets, the harder she pushes him away.
The Seacrest is a story of intrigue and betrayal, of secrets and second chances—and above all, of a love that never dies.


This is one of those stories that makes you really question things. Finn's life changes so drastically and if it isn't enough that he loses two very important people in his life, he is then faced with mind blowing secrets that are revealed after their death. 

I enjoyed the fact that Finn and Libby had a deeper connection than just hey we met and now we are going to fall in love. It felt real and their past really helped to shape their journey.

Be prepared this is a very very deep and emotional story and I cried and cried. I think it was amazing that Aaron was able to evoke that kind of emotion. 

Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. An award-winning, bestselling Kindle author of three addictive mystery series, writing books, and a new love story, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming releases THE SEACREST (2013), SANCTUARY (2014), and VIRTUOSO (2014).

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