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Beyond a Psychopath Series, Book One

Psychological Thriller
Date Published: November 2014

What is the legal definition of human? Is there something beyond a psychopath? Are humans still at the top of the food chain? These questions and their answers play a central role in Apex Predator.
The novel is inspired by true events and utilizes real evolutionary, forensic psychiatry and cognitive science, making it truly frightening and thought-provoking.
The story, however, begins with Steven Loomis, a man, a father looking for answers after his daughter's kidnapping and brutal murder. He wants to understand what drives monsters like the one that kidnapped and killed his daughter. What he discovers is that his daughter’s killer was just the tip of the iceberg; that there are far more sinister and powerful forces at play, forces that Steven was not expecting nor prepared for. He realizes that what he has found is the most significant and real threat that humanity has ever faced. 
And while he wants to simply grieve like a father that lost his little girl, he realizes that he must play a role he is neither sure he is ready for nor willing to play. He ultimately understands that only he can warn the world about the threat, only he can do something about it. Steven Loomis finds himself in the fight of his life as he tries to warn the world of the threat, to protect his family and to keep himself out of prison.


This novel had some ups and downs. The beginning of the novel will definitely get your attention and you will be invested from the get-go. The one downfall I found was that the story seemed to be drawn out and drag a little about 65-70% of the way through. I wish it would have been a bit more concise and to the point like the beginning of the novel.

All in all this is a great Crime Novel. There are some dark themes so be sure you are ready for that and for a psychological look into sociopaths before reading. 

Psychopathy, forensic genomics, parapsychology, personality disorder, if it has something to do with the extreme edges of the human psyche, J.A. Faura is hooked. Trying to figure out why people do the things they do and what shapes someone’s personality has been a passion of his since childhood.  As a young man J.A. got in trouble with the law and after spending some time in correctional facilities in California and Tijuana, decided to focus his interest in human behavior on extreme, aberrant and criminal behavior and why people engage in it.  

After earning a law degree and clerking for the District Attorney’s and Public Defender’s office, he brought his two passions together: criminal defense law and behavioral science.  For over two decades he has been researching and exploring the intersection of science and law.  With the emergence of new research and technological tools, the fields of forensic science and genetics are poised to rewrite criminal law and forensic science and J.A. plans on having a front row seat.  As an author J.A. Faura seeks to paint frightening scenarios driven by true science, legal theory and the extremes of human behavior. 
His series Beyond a Psychopath presents one such scenario as it explores what comes after humans in the evolutionary chain.  Apex Predator is the first book in the series.  The second book, The Human Element, will be released in the spring of 2015.  Juan lives in Dallas with his wife Irais Faura and has three children, Juan 25, Amanda 23 and Sebastian 21.  He also has two other babies: Baron, a 130-pound dogue de Bordeaux and a Boxer named Lola. 

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