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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Virtual Book Tour: The Last by Gil Snider #blogtour #thriller #giveaway #interview #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



Date Published: May 22, 2023

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

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Dr. Anne Mastik, an Infectious Disease specialist at the University of Virginia with multiple sclerosis, is called on to save the life Ruth Morehouse, a teenager with a mysterious life-threatening infection. Ruth is the last survivor of a once-thriving community isolated for centuries on an isolated mountaintop in West Virginia.  Anne must contend with Miriam Morehouse, Ruth's iron-willed aunt and guardian, who lives by the directives of an ancient prophecy centering on Ruth.

To save Ruth, Anne explores the toxic relationship between the Morehouses and the nearby town of Eden.  When people connected with Ruth die under suspicious circumstances, Anne questions whether there is a genetic time bomb that has killed of the community... or is it murder.  To save Ruth, Anne must earn the trust of the two women and use all her wiles to outwit the killer.  And Ruth must ultimately make her own decision to defy the prophecy... or fulfill it.



1-     What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Writing medical thrillers, it’s difficult keeping a balance between having the medical parts accessible to the average lay person, but at the same time appearing realistic to readers with a medical background (physicians, nurses, etc.).  In medical TV shows and movies (New Amsterdam and Grey’s Anatomy, for example) the lay person can gloss over the rapid-fire medical jargon and simply be caught up in the excitement of the emergency situation.  To a physician, this provides an impression of realism and authenticity.  However, put all that detail in a book and you’ll lose your readers.  It’s a tough balance.


2-     What songs are most played on your Ipod?

I like Classical music of all eras from pre-Baroque through early 20th century.  For popular music, I most enjoy Chicago Blues, 60s Rock and Roll (especially Motown and classic Rock) and R &B Piano, like Memphis Slim and Preacher Jack.  Exactly what I listen to depends on my mood.  My wife and I have written lyrics to several songs that have been produced by Pearl Snap Studios and are available through our websites and


3-     Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

My wife writes thrillers, so I always run things past her, especially when it comes to medical terminology.  My younger son, Nick, has also been very helpful with this.


4-     What book are you reading now?

Although I write fiction, I tend to read non-fiction.  As part of my research for “The Last” I read a lot of Bart Ehrman, James Tabor and Amy-Jill Levine for background on early Christian history.  That topic can be quite a rabbit hole once you start down it!


5-     How did you start your writing career?

Many years ago, my wife and I started writing a thriller together, but ended up putting it aside.  Years later, my wife thought my life had gotten overly focused on the practice of medicine and suggested I go back and finish our book.  I basically started it from scratch, and that became “Brain Warp-A Medical Thriller”.  A few years later I was listening to an NPR broadcast about small communities throughout the Middle East that were isolated from surrounding society because they still spoke ancient Aramaic.  My first thought was “Gee, that’s 2000 years of intermarriage!” and my second thought was “What weird genetic material might that bring out?  Why don’t I write that into a thriller?” And that became “The Last”.


6-     Tell us about your next release.

My wife was working on a medical thriller novella and asked me to review it.  I spruced up some of the medical stuff, and we ended up writing it together.  “Betrayed” will be coming out soon through World Castle Publishing.



About the Author

Gil Snider is a neurologist, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and medically trained at the University of Michigan.  The proud father of two grown sons, he and his author-wife Judy reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He is a member of Hampton Roads Writers and James River Writers and has previously published "Brain Warp-A Medical Thriller".


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