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Religious Poetry
Date Published: October 14, 2019
Publisher: Lucid Books

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Like an octopus with many many arms, the lies curled around us, covered us, and held us prisoners. We knew nothing of freedom. Or the possibility of it. That was our life before our Rescuer came.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

We, Mercy Tobin, have lots of “Ones” inside, as we call each other.  Caused by too much pain for only one person.  Now we see it as God’s gift to us, so that we have been able to get through life in kind of a normal way.

We each call the real Jesus, “the Big Man”, because that’s the name He gave us to call Him when we were in scary places when we were very little.  He would come and hold us and comfort us in those scary places.

Now, many many years later, we are in a safe place and finally are free to get to know the Big Man more fully as we are now free to think and feel our own thoughts and feelings.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

Most people who enjoy and connect to our writings – also have gone through something themselves. Because of this, I receive so much encouragement and yet the reviews are normally shared privately with me. It is hard becase that lowers the number of reviews – but it is rewarding because I know that we are also helping people through their journey.

How did you start your writing career?

Just 5 years ago, we began writing our thoughts and feelings in a journal, as a way of thinking about things, and also keeping a record of things we are learning.  We wrote them down in the way that we think, never intending to share them with anyone.  But the Big Man had different ideas and helped us with each step in publishing our first book, A Journey of Hope, and now our 2nd book, Continuing the Journey:  A New Time.

At first it was terrifying for our thoughts and feelings to be out in public, but as we heal, and are getting stonger, we are getting braver to share more of our journey.  We hope that there will be a few people out there who are encouraged in their own hard journey, by reading about how the Big Man/the real Jesus, has not only been our Rescuer, but also is our Healer, our Hope, our Everything.

We are unsure of where we will be going next. The people who have really connected with our work continue to ask us to keep the pen to the paper and share the next step in this journey.

About the Author

Mercy Tobin is someone her Healer is touching deeply in her journey of healing. Still in the middle of her journey, writing poems have become her journal. She is surrounded and encouraged on her journey by her children and their families, and special friends who are walking alongside her.

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