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Christian, Spiritual growth, Christian mentorship
Date Published: April 7, 2020
 Publisher: Lucid Books

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The narrow road is dangerous and full of hardship; it was never intended to be traveled alone. We were always supposed to have guides. And we are also expected to lead others along that path.

Unfortunately, Christian mentorship has been neglected far too long. We are in danger of losing yet another generation to mediocrity and self-interest if we do not act now.

Letters to an Apprentice invites you on a journey--occasionally uncomfortable and revealing--as one young apprentice develops and matures through the influence of one mentor after another. These lessons are shared through a series of letters that use real-life scenarios to prompt innovative ideas that inspire you to become a better mentor or apprentice. Letters to an Apprentice is filled with practical examples and steps to help you:

- find your mentor and make the best of that relationship.

- find your apprentice and pass on what you have learned.

- Create a culture of mentorship in your family, church, ministry, or team.

Join us as we rekindle the ancient discipline of Christian mentorship. Start your own journey, and wade deeper into your place in the body of Christ as you deepen your understanding of the kingdom of God.


What was your main drive to write this book?
My primary goal is to rejuvenate the lost art of mentorship within the Christian church. One of the reasons that the church today has lost all relevance and the ability to pass on truth from one generation to the next is because they have abandoned mentorship. My desire is to rekindle the desire for spiritual growth through mentorship.

What do you hope readers will learn by reading this book?
I hope that they will learn that mentorship doesn’t have to be a forced relationship that is filled with awkward conversations and mediocre coffee. Mentorship is an amazing adventure that exposes you to the life experiences of multiple fascinating people. When done right you can save yourself a lot of pain and heartache by learning from other people’s mistakes. Plus you make lifelong friends along the way. I also desire that my readers will grow in their desire to pass on what they have learned. I hope they seek out apprentices and invest in someone themselves, thus perpetuating this lost art of mentorship.

Did you do much research when planning this book?
Most of the research was done in my memory. It was an amazing experience thinking back through some of the most influential people in my life and remembering what they taught me. As I wrote a “pseudo-letter” from each mentor, I brought to memory all of the things they taught me and compiled them into s concise “letter” outlining the specific wisdom that they passed on to me. It was a lot of fun, writing in their voice and remembering the words and the spirit that their instruction conveyed. It was like a walk down memory lane.

Did you have any main people who helped you in the process of this book or influenced you to write it?
At first it was hard to think of myself as an author. I lost momentum on a few occasions and contemplated giving up. But I have two friends who are authors, Curt Iles & Jonathan Williams, they encouraged me to keep going and give me the motivation that I needed to continue.
How long did this book take you to write from initial thought to hitting publish?
The writing took about six months, It was easy to write. The editing and rewrites were the hardest part and took approximately one year and then publishing was a nine month process.

Do you have plans to write more about this topic or new topics?
 I have been writing more on mentorship every Monday on my blog,  There I detail some of the specific techniques that can be used and also things to avoid. Check out Mentorship Mondays on my blog.

About the Author

J Taliaferro is not your stereotypical  missionary. From a small Texas town to traveling the world for the sake of the Gospel.  J has 20+ years of cross-cultural experience, the majority in partnership with the International Mission Board. On this journey with him are his wife Susan and four children: Victory, Memphis, Ember, and Daniel. From church planting with remote tribes in the Amazon and Andes to impacting war torn lands and refugee populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, J has demonstrated his dedication to God’s calling and his passion for Christian mentorship. The numerous missionaries trained by J are currently serving all around the globe. Check out for his most recent thoughts on mentorship, church planting, biblical manhood, Christian growth, and current events.

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