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Book 3 of the Bloodstone Series
Historical Suspense/Thriller
Date Published: February 28, 2020
Publisher:  Books to Go Now

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The killer whispered-“A pretty damsel...worth a pretty risk.”

A veteran, Detective Rudyard Bloodstone has fought a brutal battle and witnessed war horrors that haunt his nightmares. Now one of those horrors has followed him home from Africa.
A vicious predator, the Cape cobra, can kill a man in thirty minutes. A suspect using the snake as a weapon in robberies is terrorizing London.
When the crimes escalate into murder, a victim’s daughter, Honoria Underhill, becomes the focus of the killer. After several attempts on her life, Scotland Yard threatens to take over the high profile case. With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Love scenes. The Bloodstone series has a few and I can
muddle through those most of the time as they aren’t
deeply romantic in nature. Detective Bloodstone’s relationship
with his lady love is defined and enhanced in a variety of ways other
than--on the page, sexual. But in other romance oriented series I write or have written, I have a dickens of a time writing the love scenes. 

What songs are most played on your Ipod?

I love all the cover versions Il Divo does of popular songs, especially Knights in White Satin, The Winner Takes it All, and Unchained Melody, I also play popular disco songs especially from the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, Fleetwood Mac appears a lot on my iPod as does Sarah Brightman.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I have both. I have three terrific critique partners who are great at telling me when to add more emotion or when I’m not getting my point across. After I finish the story I have three Beta readers go over it. My husband is one of my Beta readers but unlike most family of writers who aren’t truly critical, he offers excellent insight and criticism when needed.

What book are you reading now?

I love Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales series and I’m reading “Warriors of the Storm.” It is book nine in the series. For research purposes I am also reading “Reach for the Sky” by Paul Brickhill. It is the biography of Douglas Bader, the ace RAF pilot in World War Two.

How did you start your writing career?

I am an only child and spent a lot of time alone often watching old movies or reading. I’d see a story and think how I would change it. A movie I always liked was “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” I had a story in my head for years, a ghost love story, and talked about how I wanted to write it. When I retired my husband suggested I do that. I started the book and at the same time began going to writing seminars and workshops to learn the craft. I began in 2003 and haven’t stopped.

Tell us about your next release.

In between Bloodstone series books, my current release, A Venomous Love, is book 3, I like to do something completely different. A year ago I started a World War 2 romance series of novellas. The first was Moonlight Serenade which was set in Australia and America. The story I’m writing at the moment is The Ack-Ack Girl. It is set in England and the heroine is an Ack-Ack girl. They were civilian women who were part of the country’s anti-aircraft units. She falls in love with an RAF pilot. I hope to have it released after the holidays. 

About the Author

I was raised in Chicago. My father, a history professor, and my mother, a voracious reader passed on a love of history and books along with a love of travel. 
I am a retired police detective. After twenty-five years in law enforcement I decided to pursue my dream of writing. I write a historical-time travel romance series called Knights in Time and a historical suspense called The Bloodstone Series.
I am also working on a world war two series of novella romances. The first is Moonlight Serenade and currently available. The second is my work in progress at the moment and will be titled, The Ack-Ack Girl.

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