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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Virtual Book Tour: From the Inside by Thanvi Voruganti #blogtour #poetry #giveaway #rabtbooktours @AuthorParul @RABTBookTours



Date Published: March 15, 2021

This book of poems is about thoughts, feelings, and emotions we all experience, struggle with, and that have been brought to the forefront by this current pandemic. Losing loved ones, our freedom, and everything taken for granted in our daily lives; while facing sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness, has taught us the importance of our love for nature, gratitude, happiness, cherished memories, and relationships. No feeling or emotion is too small or negligible. Acknowledging and expressing them is my voice from the inside.


What was your main drive to write this book?


- In complete honesty, there was no main drive when writing From the Inside. I had just begun writing poetry during the summer and continued because of pure interest until I had enough to publish a book.


What do you hope readers will learn by reading this book?


- I hope readers will learn to express themselves and to confide in someone, anyone truly to acknowledge their happiness, sadness, pain, and many others. No emotion is too small to be recognized, and still, if readers cannot acknowledge their voice, then I will through my voice.


Did you do much research when planning this book?


- Writing poetry about emotions did not require a great deal of research, but it did require observation. Observing is a more resourceful technique as well as empathy as it helps me, as an author to feel for the person and be able to understand their thoughts. I did however research cogent and eloquent words and improve my vocabulary significantly to compel readers and help them feel more connected to my poetry.


Did you have any main people who helped you in the process of this book or influenced you to write it? 


- I am extremely appreciative of numerous people who have guided me through my poetry journey including my father, my illustrator, my publisher, and my English teacher. However, the person who I believe has aided me immensely is my mother. My mother has slaved over this book, putting her blood, sweat, and tears into publishing my book, working with the illustrator, showing assertive and always giving me a nudge to keep going.


How long did this book take you to write from initial thought to hitting publish? 


-  Writing this book took me one month more than it should have to have the book published, however, the real issue was deciding the colors and design of the cover, taking weeks and even months.

Do you have plans to write more about this topic or new topics?

- I have plans to write a novel on realistic fiction or perhaps historical fiction which I believe to be quite appealing. I have always enjoyed reading realistic and historical fiction and writing a book on a historical event will be quite interesting and I am delighted to explore new topics. I perhaps would also write one last poetry book before tackling a novel as my interest in writing poetry will never fade and I am eager to introduce some of my new poems to the public.


About The Author

Thanvi Voruganti is an exuberant ten-year-old living with her parents, Deepika and Mahender in Chandler, AZ. She loves writing short stories and thoughtful poetry and is an avid reader who loves fantasy, fiction, and playing board games. Thanvi however, is no athlete and prefers sitting curled up with an interesting book in her hands. Thanvi is very affable, quiet, and a profound thinker.

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