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Date Published: November 4th 2021

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

Clipped is a quirky memoir about a new mother whose desperation to get her baby to sleep catapulted her into becoming an inventor and a small business owner—just before the world fell apart in 2008.

As a full-time mother and entrepreneur, Adrienne Alitowski rolled out her invention, blankyclip®, to retailers across the country, including over thirty stores in the Buy Buy Baby national chain. LA Parent Expecting and Kids Today both made blankyclip a “Top Pick.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded her three utility patents and a trademark. All that fabulous glory aside, Adrienne also learned what it’s like to fly halfway around the world to a Chinese factory and to be pregnant, throwing up on the street just before an investor meeting. These experiences led her down a path to write this memoir about sticking to your vision and being open to finding gold in the muck.


What was your main drive to write this book?


I shared my journey along the way with a dear friend and one day she said to me, “You need to write about what happened to you. As a catharsis, but also as a cultural artifact of the time.”  So, I did. And as far as I know, no one else has written a memoir about those years. We’ve only had the perspective of economists explain that time. I wanted to share what it felt like personally.


What do you hope readers will learn by reading this book?


I am sure that readers will learn what it takes to go from “I have an idea for a product” to “There’s my product in a store!”  I hope my journey is helpful to others. It is one thing to say, “greatest economic disaster of our time” and it is another to see it through the eyes of a new mom, trying to keep her family and her business together. I have always found it helpful to read about someone else’s journey when shared authentically. My goal was to share my story so that people would understand that “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” (Helen Keller)


Did you do much research when planning this book?


I did so much research! My goal was to share my personal story while at the same time share the bigger economic story happening worldwide. The research was about what was happening in the financial sector, but it was also about mining my notes and emails and journal entries for all the details I needed to write a memoir. Fortunately, I write things in paper journals and had a lot of information I could pull from to include details that would make the book specific.


Did you have any main people who helped you in the process of this book or influenced you to write it?


My husband is an incredible writer, so he was my reader along the way. His notes were invaluable. When I doubted myself, he was always there to encourage me and tell me that I was on the right path. This book would not exist without him.


How long did this book take you to write from initial thought to hitting publish?


Is it crazy to say ten years? It took that long!


Do you have plans to write more about this topic or new topics?


I am focusing now on getting this book out into the world. That is a very fun stage to be in with a book! Stay tuned on upcoming projects, for sure…


About the Author

Adrienne Alitowski invented, patented, and manufactured blankyclip®, a stroller accessory. She sold blankyclips nationally in Buy Buy Baby as well as in many boutiques across the country and around the world. As an actress, she performed on Broadway and toured with the National Theatre of the Deaf. Her television credits include Will & Grace, Just Shoot Me!, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Beverly Hills, 90210, among others. She produced and co-wrote her one-woman show, Just Tell Them You’re From Scarsdale, which she performed in New York and Los Angeles. She created, produced, and performed in the celebrity benefit Glen Mary Glen Rose: Women Do Men, in Los Angeles, which raised funds for breast cancer research as well as awareness about the lack of diverse roles for women. She is the mother of two and lives in Los Angeles with her family. Clipped is her first book.

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