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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Virtual Book Tour: Nightmasters: Change of Engagement by Lorna Holt #blogtour #excerpt #giveaway #fantasy #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



Nightmasters, Book 2



Date Published: June 4 (Hardcover Release August 11)

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

Kelgan Defthand and his rather motley crew continue on their quest to defeat an unknown and terrible malevolence. They are expecting the same places, faces, and traces of evil, but an enormous surprise awaits them. A mysterious ship takes them to an even more mysterious destination, and "Others" seem to have intruded.

Who are they? What do they want? Can they be trusted?



They rode out into the night and the still driving rain. The same group, Kelgan, the aristocratic di Nerrill twins, Nevander and Neroma, her handmaiden(?), two armed retainers, and the same sense of futility.

They had almost reached the Keep, as they had always before, when Kelgan gave the short laugh he had given every time he had found himself dozing off. Nevander rode up beside him with the same sarcastic jab at his “ability to sleep anywhere,” and Kelgan opened his mouth to make the same feeble jest as a retort. “Sorry, milord, I was just hoping to get out of this pea soup and into some real pea soup.” Struck by a thought mid-sentence, he revised his response to offer “potato soup,” instead of the usual pea. Nevander’s hand unexpectedly encircled Kelgan’s forearm in a grip which threatened Kelgan’s circulation, as His Lordship responded, “A sense of humor is always welcome on nights like this.” Kelgan’s heart thundered loud enough to challenge the rainstorm, itself.


About the Author

Recently retired from a job as a University Professor, and looking for diversion in sunny Southern California, Loran Holt did what any Southern Californian does – took up writing, of course. Feeling that sword-and-sorcery suited her personality admirably, she set her sights on that genre. Nightmasters is the result and her first published work of fiction, but she is already the published author of two books on silent film costume design under the Author name Lora Ann Sigler.

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