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Friday, August 18, 2023

Virtual Book Tour: Ascendant by Susy Smith #blogtour #excerpt #giveaway #dystopian #rabtbooktours @susy8469 @RABTBookTours



The Asylum Series, Book 2



Date Published: August 8, 2023

Publisher: Babylon Books

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The world has disintegrated. Civilization has collapsed. Chaos is the new normal.

But I, Lacy Monroe, intend to survive.

My lover Jace and I can’t escape my corrupt uncle, Senator Thomas Moore. He captures and separates us, forcing us to work for him. He sends me to Mexico City to secure an army to overthrow what remains of the US government. He sends Jace on a suicide mission to conquer New Mexico, the only remaining free state in the Southwest.

I was captured. Beaten. Groomed for a sex trafficking ring. But my brother is looking for me…

Jace plays a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, pretending to help my uncle while secretly sabotaging him. But if his deception is discovered…

I want to become the Ascendant, the one who risks it all and defeats my uncle, then finds some measure of peace in this strange new world. But time is running out for us and this treacherous world we now inhabit.

Don’t miss this thrilling sequel to Susy Smith’s acclaimed debut novel, Asylum, the perfect “next-read” for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent.


The El Paso-Cordova border crossing appeared over the freeway’s horizon, its four-lane check points

deserted. No lights shone from the building; no driver’s instructions flashed over the lanes. The abandoned freeway looked like a stricken Walking Dead set, wiped clean, waiting for the next scene. Nothing could shock Lacy now, not even a horde of zombies.  They’d driven in silence, both exhausted and lost in thought. The landscape had changed little as they drove through the northern part of Texas. Winter had painted the plains a dull, boring brown.  Jace pulled the car to the road’s wide right shoulder. The Cadillac idled, a quiet hum against the silence as they stared at the checkpoint. Beyond lay a straight shot down to Mexico City.

Hot air blew from the vents across her already warm face.  She reached forward, pushed both vents away, then shifted to face him. Her arm’s mangled flesh, wrapped too tight with gauze, burned, and throbbed.

“This is weird, right? Where are the guards? The MP?” His tone darkened. “Probably inside."

The short, clipped answer sent tiny needle pricks up her spine.  He cut the engine then turned, his darkened blue eyes locked on hers, searching. “Lace.”

The desperate edge in his voice sliced straight through her.  She reached over and ran a hand down his spine then back up, her touch feather light. Her hand wandered to the back of his neck. She stroked his hair, curling the ends around her fingers. He took her face between his hands, thumbs brushing

her temples. She closed her eyes, turned her face into his calloused palm.

“Are you really sure about me?”  Her eyelids snapped open. “What?”  After everything they’d been through, he still questioned her decision to be with him, her love for him.

“I’d understand if you’re having second thoughts or changed your mind.” His tormented face tempered the heat racing through her veins. “About what?” “Me. Running. Everything.” “Stop. Just stop.”

He dropped his hands. “This won’t be easy and you,” he swallowed hard, “you deserve better.”

“Jace,” she said on a sigh, “there’s no one better than you.”

She leaned forward, brushed her lips against his, then slipped over the console into the back seat. Although the pained look never completely left his eyes, his face broke into a grin.

“What are you doing?” With a smirk, she lifted her T-shirt over her head, let the material slide down her bandaged arm. Cool air hit her bare skin and instant heat flared in his eyes. “Appealing to the wolf in you,” she said, voice soft and low.



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