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Galactic Pact Series, Book 1


Science Fiction / Space Opera

Date Published: 01-01-2023

Publisher: Bookbaby

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The Fall of Mu is the captivating first book of the Galactic Pact series. This multi-generational epic blends science fiction and historical fiction to transport you to a pre-historic era where humanity built an interstellar empire. With vivid scenes, rich characters, and chapters that defy expectations, this book takes you on an exciting journey across the stars.

Michael is sixteen when his homeland is destroyed in a nuclear attack, his parents are murdered, and he is the one responsible for ensuring his people's survival. Throughout Michael's struggles with alien overlords, apathetic allies and godlike creatures, we follow him as he discovers what it takes to lead in a dystopian universe and how hard it can be to cling onto hope in times of despair. But this is only the beginning!


What is the hardest part of writing your books?


The books I am writing are a blend of science fiction and history. But not just any history… Pre-History! There’s a nice little challenge. Not only is there research involved, but then you must create a story that is plausible, relatable, and meaningful to modern readers. Fortunately, I am passionate about doing just that. It’s that passion that drives my writing and provides the energy needed to ensure that writing is read.


What songs are most played on your iPod?


If I am writing, it’s a classical playlist of mostly Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart.

All other desk work is driven forward with techno, rave, house, etc.

If I am having fun… classical rock.

If it’s time to chill, I have a playlist of electronica, jazz, and blues (yes, they go together quite nicely).



Do you have critique partners or beta readers?


As the manuscript is written, I involve critique partners. They say lovely things like so what, who cares, and what does this mean?


The early version of the manuscript goes to an editor who bleeds all over it (imagine red ink on paper and a scathing analysis).


After appeasing the blood god, I am happy with it. But who cares? I need readers to be happy with it! So on to a range of beta readers where I discover the truth. Now it’s time for me to bleed.


After cleaning up the mess I hire a copyrighter to ensure my readers have a professional, readable, and enjoyable novel to curl up with.


I then try to forget about it for a month or two and then pretend I have never read the book before. If I am entertained, if it’s a page-turner, then I am satisfied.



What book are you reading now?


Book Tour Madness by SJ Slagle

Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun by Ben Davidson


How did you start your writing career?


The universe that I write in came to me in a dream so compelling that I stayed up three days, without sleep, to document it and outline two novels that take place in that realm.


I realized that I needed to write a book about it. I quit my job and spent over a year learning how to write fiction and began what would become a lifelong passion for researching science and pre-history.


I then wrote and published a short story (Escape from the Emerald A.I.), went back to work, and in the evenings and weekends started turning that dream story into a manuscript. I quickly realized that the two were incompatible for me at that point in my life and took another break from work.


Two years later, after following the events I outlined above concerning critique partners and beta readers, I had a dang good manuscript!


I went back to work, and in the evenings, I published that manuscript (The Fall of Mu) and am writing the sequel (Rise of the Keepers).



Tell us about your next release.


The Fall of Mu is my debut novel that starts a series with interactions between good and evil that evolve over generations to an intergalactic scale. The protagonist of this novel, Michael, is sixteen when his homeland is destroyed, his parents are murdered, and he becomes the one responsible for ensuring his people’s survival. Throughout Michael’s struggles with tyrannical overlords, apathetic allies, and godlike creatures, he discovers what it takes to lead in a dystopian universe and how hard it can be to cling to hope in times of despair.

About the Author

R. Halderman is a fiction writer and engineer with a passion for philosophy. He is the author of exciting and provocative literature, blazing a trail for a new style of fiction for a new generation. His writing draws on science fiction's past and present to create a unique voice in contemporary fiction.

You can learn more about R. Halderman at www.RHalderman.com. You can also find him on Gab: @RussellH and Minds: @rhalderman


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