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Practical Tips from Three Decades of Training Kids and Adults


Nonfiction / Martial Arts / Autism

Date Published: March 21, 2023


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In this book, Al details his decades of experience teaching martial arts, including various considerations ranging from curriculum to goals and challenges he overcame. Although Al teaches both neurotypicals and people on the autism spectrum, this book focuses on the latter. As you read the book, be prepared to take a walk with the author on a passionate journey.


More about you, the author.

I am a career Martial Artist and have been teaching classes, Workshops and Seminars for thirty two years in Marin County, California. I have taught over 35,000 classes and worked with more than three thousand students with.the age range from kids starting at 3 to all ages up to 106. I specialize in teaching mainstream KIds, Teens and adults Martial Arts. I also teach Kids and Adults with Autism and many other neurological disorders. This includes Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Vision impaired and and many other neurological cifficulties, I work with learning and behavior challenged Kids and Adults. I am well known in the Bay Area for my ability to produce successful results with this demographic. I have been with this genre for thirty years and I work in schools, Centers. and with Organizations that provide Services to this specific  demographic of Autism and all  other related Special Needs I have a lot of private one on one clients as well. I get referals regularly from Doctors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Special Needs teachers. This what my Book is about this work I have done for so many years. I also Specialize in working with Seniors teaching them Tai Chi and have taught almost twenty thousand classes in this area and am very well known in my area for my excellence and popularity with the Senior population. this includes many retirement residences, Skilled nursing Centers, assisted living facilities and recreation and community Centers .I have B,A, degree from American University in Washinton D,C, in the School of International Service, I played Lacrosse in College and have copteted in many Martial Arts tournaments such as the World Championships in Miami Florida and the U,S, open in Orlando Florida. I have trained Martial Arts for forty three years continuously, varios styles of Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Tai Chi and train Ju Jitsu.I have been a Black Belt for thirty six years,



Tell me more about your journey as an author, including the writing processes?

Well I am new to authoring and just decided I have an informative and unique story to tell, i probably have more experience teaching Martial Arts to Autism and other Special Needs students than anyone else on the planet. at least in the top  tier of experience. My methods and style have yielded tangible and successful results for many years and I have the excellent and outstanding testimonials from an abundance of clients to demonstrate that. My writing style is intuitive and naturally flowing because I know my  topics so well having done it abundantly and for so long. Iam a perfectionist and give of my mind, heart and soul when I work. I am sincere and straightforward in my writing and do not look to Bullshit anyone. I look to be honest and detail oriented in my stories and words. I want my words  to be inspiring and truly motivating to my audience, It is a blueprint for success and goal achievement in my area of expertise,


Tell me about your Book

My Book is multifaceted in its composition. Itis autobiographical, telling the story of how I got into doing work with Autism. It covers my background in Martial Arts. Mentioning the training that I have done over forty plus years. .My education and where I went to college. Most importantly the thirty years of success that I have teaching Martial Arts to Kids and Adults on the Autism Spectrum also refering to the other . neurological disorders that I work with. I strongly mention all the components in my methodology and why it has been successful do me. A blueprint to my philosophy and success.. What strategies are effective and the things that have been discarded. There are stories of some of my students and what they have said to me in regard to the training and their feelings towards me.  I have featured my approach to connecting and being effective using patience, compassion, intuition, spontaneous creativity and my ability to be sensitive to the mood of the students at al times. I have given much credit to my years of intense Martial Arts training to keep me centered, calm and and accurately understand all the array of personalities in my classes and one on one. How I am the conductor of very diverse symphony and my group of students are the instruments. blending it all together into a harmonic performance. I give great credit to the parents of these Kids and young Adults. How the parents champion their cause, advocating so strongly for their Kids. I talk about how committed I am to making a difference in my students lives and even after thirty years how much more I still want to accomplish. I write about how important it was for me writing this Book so I can reach a much larger population and do my best to inspire and give hope through the proven methods and style that I advocate and spread encouragement to all influenced and involved. I want the world to know that there is someone like myself having positive results in a challenging environment and that my Book and my services can be valuable resources .I never once thought about writing this Book to make money. it is to spread the word of my philosophical successes!


About the Author

Al Loren is a Martial Arts Master teacher. He has taught over 35,000 classes with thirty-two years of full-time teaching. He is located in Marin County, California. Al teaches Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Aikido and trains in Ju Jitsu. He has been training continuously for over forty-three years. Al is highly regarded as an exceptional Martial Artist and highly skilled teacher.

He is well known for his excellence in teaching the Autism population and other special needs, including kids and adults. Al Loren is a graduate of American University in Washington D.C. with a B.A. in the School of International Service.


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