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How to Renew Your Mind and Grow Your Faith

Christian, Spiritual growth, Christian mentorship

Date Published: Sept 22, 2020

Publisher: Lucid Books Publishing

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Have you ever found yourself doing the same thing over and over again without realizing it? Are you spiritually stuck, wanting a deeper relationship with God but not sure how to get there?


In The Butterfly Blueprint, Stephanie Miller uses each stage of a butterfly-egg, caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly-to show you five ways to grow your faith. By examining how your past shapes your perspective and understanding of the value of authenticity and accountability in relationships, you will learn how to identify and address your spiritual blind spots that are hindering your growth.


Stephanie opens up her own journey of transformation while providing practical steps you can implement to see real progress in your spiritual life.


●      Your purpose will become clearer.

●      Your relationships will grow deeper.

●      You will create a new perspective to share your story with others.


You were not created to remain a caterpillar your entire life. Let God change your perspective so He can transform you into the beautiful butterfly He made you to be.




What was your main drive to write this book?

My relationship with God was the main drive to write this book. In everything I do want follow His plan for my life so writing this book was for Him and because of Him.


What do you hope readers will learn by reading this book?

I hope they learn what it means to truly be a new creation in Christ. I hope they understand that there is more to spiritual growth and transformation than reading the bible more or going to church. Our transformation into who God has called us to be starts with surrender. Most importantly I want them to be able to live transformed as a beautiful butterfly in Christ!


Did you do much research when planning this book?

I did some research. I included much scripture throughout the book, so I had to look up and research bible verses and themes that exemplified the main message of each chapter. However, scripture in my book wasn’t an afterthought, it was my first thought.


Did you have any main people who helped you in the process of this book or influenced you to write it?

I had a few people who encouraged me to write it and others who helped me with the book. I had an editor friend look over the first draft of the book and tell me that it didn’t feel complete. From her initial comments and critique, I added what is now the main the focus of the book, The Butterfly Blueprint.


How long did this book take you to write from initial thought to hitting publish?

I wrote the first draft of this book in a little over a month, put it on hold after I had a baby and then picked it up earlier this year. So from the conception to the birth of this book, it was about one and a half years.


Do you have plans to write more about this topic or new topics?

Yes. The topic of spiritual growth and transformation is a huge passion of mine. For this book I had a difficult time determining what the title would be, but God has already revealed to me the title of my next book, which will be, “Holy Soles: Walking in the Way of Jesus.” It will be a faith-filled, scripture-packed bible study to encourage others in their relationship with Jesus!


About the Author

 Stephanie Miller, M.A., is a certified personal growth coach, writer, and speaker. Currently living in Colorado, she is the wife of a busy Army dentist, and mom to a strong-willed toddler and sweet baby boy. Together they enjoy going on hiking adventures. Her ministry, Butterfly Beginnings, specializes in helping those who are spiritually stuck by catalyzing change through connection with the Holy Spirit. She seeks to encourage women and challenge them to grow closer to God and in community with each other. Her past published works include I Am Enough in Christ, a workbook and devotional. Connect with her at www.butterflybeginnings.net.

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